Pastas-tic!: Las Tres Marias Offers Pastas by the Tray!

Got any celebrations coming up? Or maybe you just want to have a pasta-filled day? Worry no more, because Las Tres Marias is here to save your day! Making delicious and filling dishes that will definitely delight everyone’s tastebuds, Las Tres Marias is ready to wow you regardless if you are for dine-in, take-out, or even delivery anywhere in Metro Manila!

Indeed, a luscious meal time is what’s waiting for you here at Las Tres Marias, so what else are you waiting for? Dig into their sumptuous dishes that are absolutely hard to resist, particularly their pastas!

Las Tres Marias has five different and delicious pasta dishes up for grabs and we were able to have the time of our life with three of them. First was with their Famous Beef Lasagna which people are raving about. This lasagna is downright delectable as each layer is loaded with meat and sauce and all things yummy.

The two other pasta dishes to look out for here at Las Tres Marias is none other than their Baked Macaroni and Baked Spaghetti! Each of these will no doubt make you happy in every mouthful plus, of course, make you full even just after a round.

If you are into having carbs on carbs, then do know that Las Tres Marias doesn’t only have pastas for you to enjoy, because they have pizzas too! Currently, Las Tres Marias has three scrumptious pizza flavors – the Pizza De Madrid which is of meat sauce, bacon, ham, onion, and bell pepper; the Pizza De Barcelona which is of pepperoni and cheese; and the Pizza De Pamplona which is of four cheeses with mushrooms and beefy pizza sauce. Sounds so drool-worthy, right? Well, they do not only sound drool-worthy actually, because they sure are!

Do not miss out on these flavorful and satisfying dishes Las Tres Marias has for you and for your loved ones! Make sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram to better see for yourself what you want to have from them. When you are ready to order, just click here to conveniently do so.

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