Patis Bed & Breakfast: Gifting you an art-filled lifestyle like no other

We have always loved staying in hotels and resort, we won’t deny that, but what we did not know is that we would also appreciate to stay in a simpler destination – and that’s what Patis Bed & Breakfast provided us and more! Patis Bed & Breakfast is a vacation spot where all you will be able to do is enjoy the company of yourself and others. It is a total disconnect-from-the-city place, but it is absolutely a connect-with-your-soul-and-find-you-inner-peace place as well.

Arriving at Patis Bed & Breakfast almost night time, we weren’t able to completely see how relaxing the place it at first. All we know is that we are surrounded by plants, greens, nature in short. However, when we got to our house, wherein we actually stayed in, we had a glimpse of what Patis Bed & Breakfast actually is all about. It’s about art, culture, and most importantly lifestyle. It is a lifestyle – a down to earth, relaxing, take-it-easy lifestyle that we hope you could enjoy, too.

The house we stayed in was no doubt lovely. No, scratch that – lovely is certainly an understatement, it was gorgeous! The effort exerted to make the place homey and beautiful is absolutely top-notch. Your creative juices will truly flow here without bumps and that’s what we loved even more about Patis Bed & Breakfast. Being creatives ourselves, we won’t deny how from time to time we would hit a slump and that’s not good, because soon it will be a burn out and a burn out dampens passion, and so being where we were and seeing all these amazing colorful aesthetic, truly helped us.

More about the house, it was not only the design and decors that had us swooning, but also the coziness and at the same time the warmth it embraced us in. We loved how the windows let natural light in, giving us a view of the nature outside, too, calming and refreshing us form time to time.

Our sleep was not even a sleep, it was a slumber, and let’s just say it was such a power up from our rather zombified selves. Our white comfy beds were just one of the thins we thank for for that energizing slumber, because we know it was relaly the place that lulled us into sweet dreams and a wonderful morning.

Upon waking up, we were told that our breakfast will be in their garden, but then the weather did not cooperate that day, so we were welcomed by the Tesoro family into their very own dining room. They even set up our very own fabulous table, for our privacy. During our breakfast is when we finally talked to Patis Tesoro as well as Nina Tesoro. Patis Tesoro is a well-known designer here in the Philippines and her daughter, Nina Tesoro, is the one helping her manage the place that is Patis Bed & Breakfast. We absolutely loved their company as we bounced ideas, takes, and perceptions off of each other over beakfast.

After breakfast, we finally got our much-awaited tour of Patis Bed & Breakfast. Being this is a lifestyle destination in San Pablo, Laguna, they have a lot of plans currently in execution such as their chapel, more rooms for accommodation, and even an official restaurant. We also got to see their very own farm wherein they get some of their ingredients that Patis Tesoro herself uses in the dishes she prepares and cooks. Without doubt, Patis Bed & Breakfast is such a wonderful lifestyle destination to not miss out on and we can’t wait to be back and explore it once everything is done.

From touring, we went back to our house and just did whatever we could think of. Some of us took a nap, some also did a few tasks, until lunch came and we were called in once again. This time, our lunch happened in what was once a restaurant of Nina and her then husband, the Kusina Salud. For that time being, they were renovating the place, but they are also offering it as an events place that really is great for any events that you might be having.

Our lunch was fantabulous – that’s fantastic and fabulous! We love how the dishes were both tasty and healthy, because Patis Tesoro herself loves taking care of her health, too. She is actually planning to have no official menu, and will just have a menu that changes each and every day for their guests, because she really wants to have a special touch in everything she does. She doesn’t want to have something generic that everyone can experience which we think is really an awesome take on things!

Lunch ended and we then proceeded to our rooms again as we needed to prep for our check out. Experiencing Patis Bed & Breakfast was something different for us; and although it was different to what we were used to, it was an unforgettable one, no joke. It was what it was – a breather and we are just grateful for the unique opportunity!

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Address: 285 Santa Cruz Putol, San Pablo City, Laguna

Contact Number: 0917 126 5182

Hours of Operation: By Reservation

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