Check this out: Breakfast by the Garden at Patis Bed & Breakfast

Patis Bed & Breakfast is more than what its name. It’s more than a place to sleep and dine in. It’s so rich in story, in culture, in beauty, and in art. It’s a whole different experience for us as we are more used to grand hotels that are of tall buildings and facilities that really are top notch. Patis Bed & Breakfast is a different kind of grand and wow, and you really have to experience it.

As for this, what we are to tell you is how Patis Bed & Breakfast turned our rather rainy morning into something that is bright and cheery. Supposedly, we were to have our breakfast in the garden, because that is the experience that they want us to have, but then again, the weather did not permit us, and so we ended up having breakfast inside the Tesoros’ dining room itself. We got to have a lovely breakfast with their family and friends, with our food cooked by the lovely and ever-amazing Patis Tesoro herself.

With a really gorgeous table setting, of course we got  more excited into digging into the breakfast they have prepared for us. Delicious food were all lined up on the buffet, as if enthralling us to actually get huge servings of. The Bangus Belly topped with Onions and Tomatoes were our favorite. It was really flavorful and fresh, cooked perfectly, with its belly being oir target.

Beside that was the Tapa which we could not get enough of. It was no doubt tender and tasty,and we just could not help ourselves from going back to the buffet and getting another scoop of it and placing it into our plates. It was a cycle that was hard to quit but we regret nothing.

Salted Egg with some Veggies

For side dish, they have prepared a hearty bowl of Salted Egg with some Veggies that gives our whole breakfast entrée a healthy and at the same time refreshing twist. We loved how it complemented well with all the other dishes.

Pandan Rice

And of course, it won’t be a Filipino breakfast if there was no rice which Patis Bed & Breakfast had us carbed up with their aromatic Pandan Rice. No one really got shy into going all the way with this. After all, we, Filipinos, love a big bteakfast, right?

High Class Taho

For dessert, Patis Tesoro could not help but share to us her personal favorite which was none other the High Class Taho. This one is another new thing for us as it was made with tofu underneath fruits such as dragon fruit and pineapple. It was a delectable balance between different and similar to the usual taho we grew up eating.

This breakfast with Patis Bed & Breakfast was simple yet sumptuously surreal as we did not only get the chance to actually have breakfast with the Tesoros, but the wow-worthy Patis Tesoro herself was the one to have prepared and cooked our breakfast. Not only that as she also was so graceful and nice to actually sit and talk with us, but she really shared us her takes in life, talk about her plans, and basically just learn about how we do things, too. We sure are very humbled and grateful for this incredible experience that not all get to have.

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Address: 285 Santa Cruz Putol, San Pablo City, Laguna

Contact Number: 0917 126 5182

Hours of Operation: By Reservation

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