Pause. Play. Repeat. Bar Tour


Music plays a big role in the lives of every Filipino that it has become a part of our everyday routines. We wake up to our favorite song. We blast music through our speakers while getting ready for work. We emote to our favorite playlist when we’re sad and stressed. We listen to music during our breaks, while we eat, or before we sleep. Music is in our DNA.


Another thing that every Filipino loves is food. We love to eat. In fact, every region in the country has their own signature local dishes. We love food so much that we even travel just to eat. We would do everything to satisfy our cravings.

Ang Bandang Shirley

Foodpanda, an online food delivery platform, wants to integrate these two things that we love the most. In the advent of digital music service that enables us to listen to music anytime and anywhere, foodpanda now also aims to do the same with our favorite food, incorporating online food delivery into our lives just like how music is. Music is an effective quick fix to our mood as food provides the quick fix to our hunger.

Jensen & The Flips

This inspired Pause. Play. Repeat: The Bar Tour. Joined by our favorite local indie bands, foodpanda features four of the best restaurant-bars in the city in its list. The event also promises a night full of good music and great food.

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