Pia’s Kitchen got us thinking about taking the “rocky road” for a change

We have driving around bumpy rough roads; rocky roads dare we say. We are not really a fan of that unless we put it in a food context. Yes, you got that right, we are talking about Rocky Roads — the ones that are of chocolate desserts. Not everyone is a fan of this as well, but what’s not to love? It has that lovely taste of chocolate and some crunch and crisp from time to time. Truly, a delight that is hard to resist.

Indeed, we enjoy anything that is chocolate, so let’s just say we more than enjoyed having the indulgent creations of Pia’s Kitchen. What are their creations, you say? It is Rocky Road Bars, to put it simply. Although, theirs are not just about chocolate and nuts, because their Rocky Road Bars come in three addicting variants, so hold on to your seats, because this one is going to be a delicious, bumpy ride.

Their classic Rocky Road (Php 1500 per 500 grams) is a special blend of medium dark chocolates with marshmallows and walnuts, so every bite will not be overpoweringly sweet, as the distinct taste of dark chocolate balances out the sweetness of the marshmallows. The walnuts are a lush source of crunch in every mouthful and we loved it every time.

Following that is something that is leaning more onto the sweet, creamy side. Their Rocky Road Milk Deluxe (Php 1500 per 500 grams) is of round creamy milk chocolate that also has marshmallows and walnuts in it. This delectable treat is like a softer, more delicate version of the first one — taste wise.

Next to that is their latest addition to their already rocky, chocolatey menu and that is none other than their Milk Chocolate Crunch Bar (Php 1500 per 500 grams). Just like their Rocky Road Milk, this one is made with their delicious milk chocolate together with marshmallows, but without walnuts, because they have instead put rice crispies in this. This one is perfect for when you just want something that won’t take you that much effort to chew, when you want something even smoother, something that is of a delicate bite that comes really well with the gooeyness of the mallows.

There really is just no denying that this ride with Pia’s Kitchen may have been filled with literally Rocky Roads, but it will surely leave you wanting for more. To know more of what is ahead of you, you can visit Pia’s Kitchen’s Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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