Pico Sands Hotel made sure our mornings with them are more than just good

To say that Pico Sands Hotel took care of us when we stayed with them is an understatement, because we really felt special, warm, and more than welcomed. Truth be told, we even got to try their members-only cafe and area. That’s right, we got to greet Mr. Sun at their White Cabana Beach, hosted by their Sun Coral Cafe. 


It is not a secret that Pico de Loro is a country club that offers exclusive amenities to its members. They also have a lot of fun activities that members can join for free. That said, we are absolutely grateful to have experienced their Sun Coral Cafe as we started our second day at Pico Sands Hotel. 

Malunggay Pandesal
Ensaymada Bites

First off, we got to energize ourselves up with the carbs that we needed for the day. Sun Coral Cafe served us hearty trays filled with their Malunggay Pandesal, Banana Bread, as well as Ensaymada Bites. These three crowd favorite baked goodies absolutely had us munching!

Since we are all for some big breakfast, of course we also got to dig into Sun Coral Cafe’s breakfast plates. Currently, they have two breakfast plate categories—one is Filipino Breakfast, and the other is American Breakfast.

Beef Tapa

From their Filipino Breakfast category, we decided to fill ourselves up with a few classic Silogs. We had their Daing na Bangus (Php 550), Beef Tapa (Php 550), as well as Longganisa (Php 520). Each plate came with rice, two eggs, and atchara. 

Corned Beef

Meanwhile, from their American Breakfast category, what we got were their Corned Beef (Php 550) and Ham (Php 550). For these two, each plate was served with two eggs, two slices of toasted bread, and butter.

Pico’s Big Breakfast

Other than those Breakfast Plates, we also made sure to grab Sun Coral Cafe’s ultimate option, also known as Pico’s Big Breakfast (Php 580). This one is a heavy plate filled with two eggs, bacon strips, sausages, hash brown, and baked beans, plus tomatoes and mushrooms. 


Certainly, our breakfast was immaculate, especially because we had it with Sun Coral Cafe at Pico de Loro’s White Cabana Beach, which really gave us that exclusivity and peace that we have been craving for. We also paired all that with some coffees, teas, chocolate drinks, and fresh fruit juices

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