Pico Sands Hotel’s Pico Restaurant & Bar surely knows how to make their diners happy 

Pico Restaurant & Bar is Pico Sands Hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, and this is where we had our second-day dinner. The place was packed with happy diners when we arrived and so that had us more excited than we already were. 

Pico Restaurant & Bar of Pico Sands Hotel

Actually, we already had an idea of what Pico Restaurant & Bar is offering since we checked out their menu for merienda earlier in the day. We had a burger and a pasta delivered to our room as snacks and we found both of those to be delicious, so yes, we were expecting a sumptuous dinner this time around. 

Pico Restaurant & Bar of Pico Sands Hotel

As much as Pico Restaurant & Bar’s menu is packed with international dishes ranging from salads to pastas, sandwiches to pizzas, and many more, they do also have a number of familiar Filipino dishes with a lovely and delectable play on them. 

Azurea Garden

Other than that, Pico Restaurant & Bar is also proud to be using fresh vegetables that they have grown and harvested from their own garden. We even got to start with one of their garden-to-table dishes, their Azurea Garden Salad. This is a plateful of alugbati, lettuce, turnips, mint leaves, radish, and cashew, drizzled with balsamic coconut vinaigrette and then topped with kesong puti.

Herbed Pan Seared Local Fish (Talakitok)

Next we had something light and healthy which is none other than their Herbed Pan Seared Local Fish. We got this in two variants—one was of Pampano and the other was of Talakitok. Both were tasty, if we must say. We loved how the flavors of herbs and spices used blended well with the freshness of each fish. 

Pasta Verde Moringa

We followed those fish-starred dishes with a pasta that we honestly did not think would make us fall in love as much as we did. Their Pasta Verde Moringa is a new addition to their yummy pasta selection. This dish is a plate of spaghetti noodles with malunggay-based sauce and let us tell you, it was heavenly!


After that, we reached for their Bulalosso which is actually one of their bestselling dishes! This is a scrumptious and drool-worthy serving of beef bone marrow cooked osso buco-style. This dish was everything—the meat was absolutely tender and the sauce can even be a whole viand of its own!

Pepper & Herb Batangas Beef Steak
Pepper & Herb Batangas Beef Steak

Since we could not get enough of that meaty creation, we reached for another Pico Restaurant & Bar’s meat-starred dish! This time it was another new dish, their Pepper and Herb Batangas Beef Steak! This really took our breaths away. Every slice was just downright mouthwatering and delicious. 

Choc Nut Tiramisu

Last, but of course, not the least, Pico Restaurant & Bar also served us their well-loved Choc Nut Tiramisu. We each got a plate of this lovely meal-ender and we could not be more grateful than we already were by this point. 


We also got to pair all these amazing dishes with some refreshing beverages such as Milo Dinosaur, Coke Float, Royal Float, and Strawberry Milkshake. Truly, Pico Restaurant & Bar of Pico Sands Hotel provided us with an exceptional dinner experience! 

There is so much to love here and we hope you will be able to experience it with your loved ones too. Know more about all the delicious escapades you can have by checking out Pico Sands Hotel’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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