Pier 717: Ready-to-eat crab meat, putting your frustrations to an end

Talk about crab mentality and everyome would just tell you good bye, but talk about crabs and surely you got everyone drooling, right? Well, if you are a fan of this ever-coveted time-consuming gift of the sea, you better grab a goodie from Pier 717.

It’s not a secret how eating crabs can both serve as a reward and a hassle. Trying your best to pry open fresh crabs just to get the luscious, precious meat inside is such a tedious act to do and sometimes you just don’t have that much time to exert so much effort as all you want to do is go dig into all the fun and yum.

And so, yes, we did not just hear you, but we sympathize with you, because we, too, are lovers of crabs and we are here to say when it is up for grabs, so we are so happy to find out about Pier 717. Pier 717 offers ready-to-eat crab meat which removes all the frustrating parts in eating this much-loved delectable sea treasure. Say good bye to messy hands and plates. Say good bye to all the crackling action. Say good bye to the frustration of not opening it enough and not getting the crab meat that you oh-so-want.

Pier 717 really offers convenience and deliciousness in a tub and we are all for it! Plus, Pier 717 uses all local, all sustainable, all natural, and preservative free products, caught fresh, and processed in the country. Yep, you read that right, Pier 717 is a local product of a local company called RGE Agridev Corp which has gained food accreditation by BFAR, and is the first and only company certified for EU export. Truly, Pier 717 deserves a hooray not only because of its incredible offering to the market, but also because it helps our fisherfolks as well as our community as it gives back through fish sustainbility and community livelihood.

That being said, you do not only get to enjoy fresh, scrumptious crabs, but also support the growth of others, so better grab a tub or two of Pier 717. You will be able to get it readily available in the chiller or refrigerated section of Rustan’s and S&R, in half pound or one pound tub.

By the way, each tub of Pure Claw Meat contains roughly 36 pieces of blue crabs, each tub of Cocktail Claw Meat contains approximately 55 pieces of crabs, and each tub of Pure Super Lump contains 24 pieces of crab. Wow-worthy, right?

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