Pillowy Bites: Giving your palate a warm, lovely cuddle you will surely be craving for

Soft and cuddly. Comfy pillows make a whole lot of difference in your sleeping habits, that’s why people have their own preference when it comes to those. We like ours soft and cuddly. It makes us sleep deeper, sounder, better. Often times, we also associate pillows into anything that is soft, much like breads.

Soft breads and pastries are so lovely to take a bite into. They bring warmth and comfort as if we are on our bed, surrounded by our favorite pillows. Top that off with it delectable, buttery taste and we are just head over heels in love with it!

Pillowy Bites is an online bakery offering Brioche Breads and Beignets! Homemade with happiness and baked fresh daily, no wonder people are clamoring to get their hands on these delectable bread choices.

Their Brioche comes in three filling variants; namely Brioche Bread (Php 370 per Loaf), Brioche Buns with Almond Slices (Php 420 per Pack of 8 Buns), and Plain Brioche Minis (Php 400 per Pack of 18 Pieces). These different Brioche options will surely be able to satisfy whatever it is you are craving for or how big your appetite is.

Other than their Brioche choices, Pillowy Bites also has Beignets (Php 330 per 30 Pieces | Php 660 per 60 Pieces). These adorable, pillow looking treats are sweet, light, airy, and are a great pairing to coffee or hot cocoa.

So if you are like us, a person who adores softness and warmth, especially when it comes to baked gopdies, then you will definitely enjoy Pillowy Bites. Check them out on their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

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