Pino Resto Bar is serving up the hots for Pinoys and Pinoys at heart


If ever you find yourself in Teachers Village in Quezon City wanting for some casual dining place that offers Filipino cuisine in a hip, chill place perfect for easy-going conversations down to some extra deep heart-to-heart talks, Pino Resto Bar might just be that space you need to have that much needed relaxation or downtime.




The place is just immaculate especially at night when they have this warm, vivid light vibe going on which is great even for date nights as it sure is to set that lovely mood for two people getting to know each other, trying to get pass those awkward first scenes, until they finally get comfy with each other and really get to enjoy their evening together.


With the goal to hit it off, the Nori Cheese Sticks (Php 175) is a serving of buttermilk cheese rolled in nori and wonton wrappers, together with pesto and raspberry sauce. This finger food is awesome with casual chit-chats like asking how their day went and whatnot.


Much like the Gambas in Aligue (Php 245) which is another appetizer of Pino Resto Bar, but a fancier one at that as this is an order of sautéed shrimps in crab fat sauce served with garlic toast. The flavor of this dish is just a wonder to the palate alongside the texture of the garlic toast which is all fun.


As the flow of the conversation becomes more fluid, start digging into the Red Wine Adobong Tadyang (Php 295 | Php 595) as this one is of adobo-style beef short ribs slow-cooked in red wine, together with steamed rice and saba chutney. The touch of red wine in this dish makes this one exquisite in every bite which leads into another filling dish.


Pino Resto Bar being a restaurant highlighting Filipino cuisine, it is no surprise that they offer classic Pinoy dishes which is considered as a staple food already in every dining table of every Filipino family – much like the Kare-Kareng Bagnet (Php 295 | Php 625). This one is of authentic Ilokano crispy pork belly, with annatto-peanut sauce and tasty bagoong rice which is just as satisfying as appetizing as it looks.


Kare-Kare being a favorite dish of many, Pino Resto Bar has another variant of this dish besides their Kare-Kareng Bagnet, and that is the Seafood Kare-Kare (Php 265 | Php 595). Filled with mussels, cream dory, shrimp, and squid in their signature Kare-Kare sauce, alongside their delicious bagoong rice, this one is just a seafood lover fanfare.

Pino Resto Bar has a lot of beverages, soup, salad, starters, rice, main courses, and desserts that you really have to check out, order, and have a fill of because everything looks delightful and tastes delicious. With some meaty dishes on the menu, vegans can ask Pino Resto Bar’s staff for their Pipino Vegetarian Menu which has some scrumptious vegan options that are sure to make hangry tummies into happy tummies.

This restaurant is truly not just a try-once place because you will certainly keep coming back here not only because of the wonderful service, splendid food choices, beautiful interiors, but also because of the accommodating staff that makes your dining experience even more delightful.

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