Pizzeria Amore – The Newest and Most Promising Pizza Joint in Town


Nowadays, less and less people would simply be satisfied with a Fast Food fix. Whether you are a foodie or not, people these days tends to explore more and look beyond the typical joint that can be found within the corner.

That’s why new establishments are popping up here and there. Not only to meet the growing demand of the public but also to share to Filipinos that there is more to food than what we have been accustom to.

Born out of love and appreciation of Italian cuisine is this newest pizza joint in town that is set to capture our hearts. Located in UP Town Center and just across the cinema, Pizzeria Amore is definitely not your typical pizza parlor.




The restaurant aims to showcase the most traditional and authentic way of making pizza. A  simple fact that seems to be lacking to almost every pizza place in the metro.


They also want to prove that the best pizza would only come from the freshest of ingredients, prepared and cooked with the right amount of time definitely not instant and through the conventional wood fired brick oven.




Fresh off the oven, we initially tried their Honey Bacon and Jalapeno Pizza. With its fire-kissed dough and delicious toppings, every bite of this pie was enough to make us literally gaga. We finished all the slices in a matter of minutes.

They served it on a pizza box so that customers will have an option to take it out, the moment that they can’t finish it off after they dined.

The restaurant also provides the option to order and have it delivered to the Cinema so that the customer can just easily wait for their orders at the comfort of their seats.



For those that are fond of chicken wings, they offer two variants. The Chili Wings which is definitely spicy and the Garlic Pepper that we absolutely enjoyed on munching. They come in 4 pieces per serving.



Their Chicken BBQ Pizza on the other hand, is a contradiction to the norm of what a chicken and barbecue should be. The combination of toppings created such a flavorful outcome that even just the smell of it was enough to make us drooling fools for the day.



Their  Shrimp and Scallion Pizza was truly a breath of fresh air. As you bite into the freshness of the shrimp topped with scallion to add more kick and flavor.



Last but definitely not the least on our list of favorites is their Mediterranean Beef. Who wouldn’t like this one, when just one look of it is enough to make you crave?


They also offer desserts such as Panna Cotta and Tiramisu. But lately we are becoming a big fan of Tiramisu so we really can’t resist trying their version. Bottom line, we loved it to the very last bite and piece.


Truly, at the end of the day and surprisingly, comfort food can also be found from the simplest and straightforward restaurant. Because based on experience not all fancy and glamour looking interiors can deliver good food that everyone is looking for.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pizzeria-Amore-1239617262722575/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pizzeriaamore/

Pizzeria Amore
Address: 3F – Cinema Area, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Store Hours: Mondays – Sundays – 11AM to 10PM

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