Polilya is that happening bar in the most happening nightlife street in Makati and you have so much happening in your life which is a perfect fit


Out looking for a good time? Want to end the work week with such a wonderful bang? Down for even just a chill night with your fun gang? Poblacion, Makati has been one of the many streets in the Metro that surely has the night life scene going on more than just poppin’!


Back in my first job, Poblacion was the go-to-place my work friends and I have been spending almost every end of every stressful week we had. It is undeniably packed with great bars in which there are so many yummy food to try and relaxing at the same hyping booze to down.



With that, Polilya in Poblacion is no doubt a favorite of many people may they be Makati locals or not. This happening bar in the most happening nightlife street in Makati is sure to grab the attention of the night crowd as this hip space is not only really busy, but jam packed as well.





Located below Pura Vida and by the side of Z Hostel, Polilya is chic, sleek, with a well-lit ambiance, alongside eccentric and contemporary tables and chairs that are comfy enough to stay in for hours as this place is really a perfect space to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.


Starting the night young and full of possibilities, the Ultimate Nachos (Php 285) is a great snack to begin with as this one is of corn tortilla chips, cheese sauce, meat sauce, sour cream, grated cheddar, salsa, red beans, avocado, and jalapeno rings.


Followed by their lovely dish called B-B-B-Bolognese (Php 325) which is a spaghetti with a triple-threat tomato-meat sauce of beef, bacon, & beer.



Next is no other than the scrumptious Steak and Ale Pie (Php 310) which is made up of stewed wagyu beef & button mushrooms in a light, golden crisp poultry, together with some delightful dressed green.


As energy is needed for the upcoming long night, have some carbs with Polilya’s Gambas Engkantadas (Php 440) which is beer-infused, fun-infused gambas of baguette.


More into some scrumptious carbs, the Polilya Cheeseburger (Php 390) is a house burger with Spanish chorizo, red pepper-cheese spread, & jalapeno rings. This one also comes with house cut potato crisps.


The next delicious dish that has been placed on the table was the Zen Chicken Nuggets (Php 260) which is a food choice that would make one delight with Hainanese chicken strips, together with three of their sauces.


For more fun-filled night life, the Grown-Up Chocolate Mousse (Php 175) is of Davao single-origin three-chocolate mousse, seasoned with freshly ground black pepper, and a sparkle of Himalayan salt.





And of course, bar chows will be much more be enjoyable with drinks to go well with different flavors. Polilya has what they call The Enchanted Eight which are eight different signature cocktails by Poliliya with an Engkanto beer twist. These are Blame it on the Heat (Php 150), Tigrita (Php 295), Cool Bird Spritz (Php 290), Bourbon IPA (Php 345), Polilya Fire (Php 350), Goldfinger (Php 360), The Blonde Scotch (php 480), and Don Pedro Punch (280).

As Polilya not only has a rich menu – may it be food menu or bar menu, but also has a great ambiance and a good crowd, be sure to check out Polilya at Makati. With Polilya having a neon sign which says “Have you figured out what you will want to eat” is actually a siren as you are already looking at the place where you will be eating what you actually want to eat!

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