Pop Your Heart Out with the Limited Edition 
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pop Heart Bars!

This coming Valentine’s Day, say what’s really in your heart!

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for Filipinos everywhere, and not just for couples! Whether for your family, friends, significant others, or community, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by everyone. However, not everyone is comfortable with expressing how they feel towards their loved ones. No matter how much you love them, you can’t fully put it into words. 

Now, you don’t have to worry about saying what you really feel this Valentine’s – Cadbury Dairy Milk has something in store for you! Celebrate with your loved ones with the Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Pop Heart Sleeves and Bars! Cadbury’s smooth and chocolatey taste that you already know and love, made even more special for this month of hearts!

Your favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk now comes in a special Pop Heart Sleeve. Pop your heart out with a shapeable 3D heart that you can write on, and leave a love note that’s as sweet as Cadbury. Watch your loved one’s eyes light up when they see what’s up your sleeve, literally!

If you want your chocolate with a little twist, the Pop Heart Bar is for you – it’s your favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk with a romantic heart cut out! Coming in five unique designs, this one-of-a-kind bar contains a chocolate heart which you can pop out and give to your special someone. It’s a fun take on a Valentine’s Day chocolate favorite and making it extra special.

Celebrity couple Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay, along with other well-known content creators. attended the Cadbury Dairy Milk Pop Your Heart Out Mall Activation last February 04 at the Glorietta 2 Activity Centre. They all enjoyed participating in fun games and activities, including the Pop-Up AR Filter Booth and the Cadbury Heart Tunnel — great for both video and photo content. Guests were treated with a heart-pumping experience as they felt the happiness and excitement in the air!

Music sets the mood for any occasion, which is why Cadbury brought out live acoustic sessions for guests to request their favorite love song through the 3D heart pack, which will be read and performed on the spot—how romantic is that? 

Catch the Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Pop Heart Bars, starting at Php 87, in leading supermarkets nationwide and in online stores! This Valentine’s Day, it’s time for you to #PopYourHeartOut and #SayItWithCadbury!

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