Portart HK claims to have the best Egg Tart so we checked it out for you guys!

The food scene really is such a diverse place, right? Everyday you are going to find something new, something nostalgic, and sometimes even something you have had before, but at the same time something different from what you actually had. It’s an interesting experience, really, and that’s what we had with Portart HK.

Portart HK is known for offering a number of decadent desserts that are just hard to resist, one if which is Egg Tarts and we all know how much we enjoy those. Egg Tarts are just easy-to-love snacks that is perfect for when we want to munch on something while we are on a break or whenever.

That being said, Portart HK’s Egg Tarts are actually imported all the way from Hong Kong, and there is no denying that a lot of people have fallen in love with them as Portart HK even claims that their Egg Tarts are the best dessert! These Egg Tarts are freshly baked and made with only the best ingredients that Portart HK could get their hands on, promising a luscious, milky, creamy, and cheesy goodness in every bite.

Indeed, these Egg Tarts are a lovely ender to cap off a meal time or a delicious snack to serve for when guests are coming over. Either way, these Egg Tarts will absolutely bring joy to the table as they are best enjoyed with some company, bouncing stories with one another.

Snatch a box or two of these Egg Tarts by Portart HK and make your day even brighter than it already is. For just Php 500, you will be able to indulge in 8 delicious pieces! Know more about these Egg Tarts and Portart HK’s other products by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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