Potato Corner and Gawad Kalinga Unite to Uplift Farmer Communities with the New and Flavorful Harvest Chips

In a momentous collaboration, Potato Corner and Gawad Kalinga’s Bayan-Anihan program have come together to bring support to our local communities. This partnership opens opportunities for both Benguet farmers and Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm workers for their produce and products to reach consumers through notable brands like Potato Corner.

Photo by Potato Corner and Gawad Kalinga

Prepare for a delightful snack experience as each bite of Potato Corner’s delicious Harvest Chips spreads joy and makes a positive impact on farmers and marginalized communities alike. 

“Our meaningful partnership with Gawad Kalinga is the perfect blend of flavor and purpose. At Potato Corner, we firmly believe in enhancing lives not only through our mouthwatering flavored fries but also by extending our unwavering support to farmers and communities in need. We’re committed to making a positive impact and spreading joyful moments through every flavorful bite,” said Joey Alvero, Potato Corner’s COO, bubbling with enthusiasm. 

This partnership goes beyond mere taste satisfaction; it aims to create a ripple effect of goodness. Harvest Chips are locally sourced, flavorful potato chips, and coated with your favorite Potato Corner flavors. Gawad Kalinga, a driving force behind transformative change, together with Potato Corner’s wide appeal and dedication to creating flavorful moments, seeks to empower farmers with sustainable practices and provide essential resources. 

“We are filled with pride in our partnership with Potato Corner which is an incredible opportunity to create sustainable pathways for our poorest farmers through Harvest Chips. “Harvest” or “Ani” is a shared vision of our partnership where farmers, Gawad Kalinga community members, and Potato Corner patrons are acting in solidarity to create a value chain that connects and empowers the potential of the poor towards a future full of Hope,” shared Gawad Kalinga’s Chairman, Kuya Luis Oquiñena, with gratitude and passion. 

Potato Corner’s collaboration with the Bayan-Anihan program reflects their commitment to enhancing lives, not just through their world’s best flavored fries, but also by supporting farmers and those in need through this innovative product. 

When you choose Potato Corner’s Harvest Chips, you’re also supporting Gawad Kalinga’s Bayan-Anihan program and its other nourishing initiatives, thereby making a positive impact on underprivileged communities. Together, we’ll not only satisfy our cravings but also spread warmth to those who need it the most. 

To learn more about this flavor-filled collaboration and the incredible initiatives it supports, visit http://bit.ly/PCxGKHarvestChips and https://www.gk1world.com/bayanAnihan. Let’s collectively make this world a warmer and more compassionate place, one snack at a time! 

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