Prawn Star PH: Get Hooked on Seafood and More

Seafood. Seafood. Seafood. If it ain’t obvious yet, then let it be known that we are lovers of seafood. Seafood is something that brings us more than just freshness from the sea, but also it reminds us of the greatness and deliciousness the world holds.

Seafood is from a whole different world and that world is yet to be explored, because as much as that world is both beautiful and terrifying, there is no stopping us when it comes to us having some seafood.

Good thing we need not to dive on our own to get a fix for our seafood cravings, because Prawn Star PH is already giving that to us. Prawn Star PH is all about seafood boil, Lousiana inspired Cajun cooking where we got to choose from a variance of sauces that have complemented our seafood choices.

Wondering what our seafood choices from Prawn Star PH were? Well, we got it from their Trays. We got both their Crab Tray Duo as well as their Surf and Turf Bundles.

Their Crab Tray Duo (Php 1699) is of Small Crab & Corn Tray and Garlic Noodles. The Small Crab and Corn Tray includes four pieces of small crabs and the Garlic Noodles sure is lightly seasoned but full of flavor.

Meanwhile, their Surf and Turf Bundles (Php 1799) is of Sexy Back Ribs Platter and Pride. The Sexy Back Ribs Platter includes a full rack of sexy back ribs, dirty rice, and corn and the Pride has shrimps, green mussels, clams, potato, corn, and Andouille Sausage.

Prawn Star PH has so much more trays and delicious seafood dishes for you to indulge in. To find out more of their products, visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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