Put on your Sombreros and Dancing Shoes as we are to Dance our Tastebuds with Leon Authentic Mexican!

About to turn two years young, this Mexican inspired restaurant is such a flare of flavors in the up and coming food spot that is in the outskirts of Manila, no other than the proud Antipolo City of Rizal. Leon Authentic Mexican is so far the only restaurant in Antipolo that is offering the feisty concept of a Mexican restaurant, as most Mexican food in Antipolo can only be found in kiosks.


Driven with the desire to give an authentic Mexican palate while giving the people what they want, Leon Authentic Mexican does its best to meet or even exceed the expectations of many. With foodies handling this blazing food joint, we are not to pass up an opportunity to see and try out their baby that is Leon Authentic Mexican.


First on our gastronomic Mexican food adventure is Leon Authentic Mexican’s Chicken Quesadilla; grilled tortilla filled with chicken, bell pepper, and cheese that melts beautifully. Plus, this one is served with their own sauce and homemade salsa that has just the right amount of spice and crunch from the veggies. A definite must try when you visit!



Speaking of must try, another one is their Chimichanga. Filled with an assortment of ingredients such as various meats, cheese, beans, and potatoes, drizzled with chili pepper sauce, and bounded by a soft, crispy wrap, and topped with more cheese; this dish is one to beat!


As we have pointed out earlier, Leon Authentic Mexican is a flare of flavors, and so when a plate of Louisiana Wings arrived at our table and suddenly into our lives, we knew we’re in for a really tasty trip – thanks to the generous deep red rub from 13 different Mexican herbs and spices.


If you think 13 Mexican herbs and spices are a lot, then brace yourselves, because this next dish has a Mexican seasoning that is composed of 15 different spices – the California Burrito. This one is a no rice burrito and so the rice was replaced with potato fries. You also have the option to choose the meat they are to put in which can either be steak or chicken. This comes with lots of cheddar cheese and Mexican cheese, together with salsa for extra crunch.

Another burrito that made it to our cut is Leon Authentic Mexican’s Steak Burrito. This one also has that 15-spices-Mexican-seasoning and salsa that has just the right sharpness. This one is oh so good and oh so filling as this is also packed with rice and flavorful steak meat.


Up for some meatastic meal? Enjoy a mouthful of their sensational Pulled Pork Soft Taco! With tender, pull of the bone pork, seasoned with exciting Mexican flavors and spices, this meal is such an easy eat especially it comes with a soft taco shell.


While Leon Authentic Mexican’s Wings are made with 13 different spices and the Burritos are made with 15 spices, their Sizzling Fajitas are flavored with 10 different Mexican spices – talk about being feisty! We got to try their Sizzling Carnitas Fajitas and let us just say that it is more than just it looks inviting! It comes with sizzling carnitas meat on a cast iron skillet and a plate of rolled up tortillas.

The carnitas meat was no doubt tender and flavorful, considering the veggies were somehow caramelized due to the heat, and each ingredient boosts each other up; all thanks to the Mexican herbs and spices! This dish has a slight spicy kick to them already, but if you’re up for more challenge, then you’re more than welcome to add more hot sauce to your liking.


Can’t get enough of meat, we see. Order yourself Leon Authentic Mexican’s Steaks and Mushrooms Sandwich for that light but filling meal that would give you and your palate just the perfect punch of spice and savor.

With all the spice and flavor more than just teasing our tastebuds, good thing Leon Authentic Mexican is serving up beverages from softdrinks, to juice, to water, and down to alcoholic drinks – like beers and mojito!

As you are to be filled with heat from different Mexican spices and flavor, Leon Authentic Mexican’s ice cold Mojito will be the perfect pair to down all that meaty party! It would give you that refreshing minty feel to finish up whatever you are to order.

Everything is worth to try and as they are approaching their second year yet, we know there are more to come from this full-of-spice-and-passion restaurant, Leon Authentic Mexican! Teasing you with their Mexican spices and flavor, we recommend you drop by at Unit 11, 2nd floor, Okinari Arcade, Marville Park Subdivision, L. Sumulong Memorial, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal.

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