Q House: A retail + cafe concept store in Uptown Mall that has quirks you are not only looking for, but also craving for

If you dream of living the coastal life, enjoying the breeze, loving the light, easy vibe going on while, of course, munching on some delectably filling easy eats over casual chats as well, then you are in for a treat because you will be able to experience that in a retail + café store in Uptown Mall.

Q House has actually just opened, welcoming their diners with a lovely ambiance that is perfect with the summer, highlighting some delicious, and heavy and light snacks as well as an Instagram-friendly space – we mean, their impactful wall is enough statement for that!

Owned by real-life sisters who are also bestest friends, the recipes they used on their food and drinks offering are their own so they are basically sharing what is theirs to their loveloy diners starting with their sumptuous qizza variants that come in either savory or sweet ones and is hand-made fresh daily.

For their Savory Qizzas, their Barbecue Chicken Qizza (Php 215) is of a cheesy flatbread, topped with corn, tender chicken, and really thin-cut onion rings. Another one is their Mushroom Truffle Cream Qizza (Php 215) which is of a creamy flatbread that is made with truffle and topped with succulent mushrooms. This one is no doubt a fave of many!

Following that with a Sweet Qizza variant of theirs which is no other than their S’mores (Php 105). This one is of a chocolatey flatbread topped with grahams and torched marshmallows that is just a delightful piece altogether.

Next to that is another savory dish, but this time not a qizza, raher it is the classic snackable nomnom that has almost everyone falling in love with it – fries! Q House’s, though, are not only just your typical fries, as the one we got to try was their Takoyaki Fries (Php 105) which has all the flavors of takoyaki plus the fun crispness of fries.

And of course, what is coastal living without some rejuvenating drinks, right? Q House has a bunch of yummy beverages that would have you sipping until the very last drop of each. Their Vanilla Classic Milkshake (Php 145) has just the right sweetness to it, especially it is topped with whipped cream alongside some colorful sprinkles.

After that is their Amazing Reese Signature Milkshake (Php 215) which from its name, you probably have guessed that this one is inspired from the famous luscious chocolate, Reese, as it comes with that too, together with peanut butter and chocolate!

Lastly, Q House has some oh-so-lip-smacking-good yogurt cups called Signature Froyo Pots, one of which is their Pink Panther (Php 195) that comes with yogurt, of course, crushed graham, strawberry, and choco chips. Truly, a lovely and cool way to welcome the summer.

With Q House being not only an all-day café of some sort serving light meals, snacks, and drinks, you might also want to check out their stuff-filled shelves as you will no doubt find some quirky curiosities from around the world like fun lamps, creative environmental straws, cutie tumblers and a whole bunch of other enjoyable stuff you would so gladly have and take home.

Currently they have an ongoing treat for their diners and that is the sweet gift of when they order any of Q House’s qizza, they will be able to delight in any classic milkshake for only Php 100. Also, better watch out for more surprises every month because Q House will be releasing limited edition flavors and variants of any of their food and drinks.

Q House is truly filled with different kinds of quirky finds not only when it comes to the items they have on their shelves, but also with their menu offering that might go contrast with another, but also has a common ground with each other, making anything of theirs a perfect cutie patootie and downright delectable pair!

Follow Q House on their Social Media pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qhouseallday/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qhouseallday/

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