Quezon’s Best: Bringing your home the coco goodness it deserves

Pasciolco-Agri Ventures is of a power couple — Maura and Lito — that actaully started with exportation of nata de coco to Japan until Maura decided to develop coconut vinegar as their pioneer product as the couple’s vision was to produce organic coconut products that will be widely known both locally and internationally. This vinegar was then marketed and well-received in Manila.

By the year 2000, the couple came up with another product — coconut jam — which was introduced to the market together with the brand name, Quezon’s Best.

From then on, Quezon’s Best has produced more variants of their coconut jam and coconut vinegar. Their Coconut Jam now comes in Chocolate, Seasalt, and Chili and is available in 224g (Php 99) and 330g (Php 145); while the Coconut Vinegar comes as Plain Coconut SAP Vinegar (375ml Php 85 | 750ml Php 118), Spicy Coconut SAP Vinegar (375ml Php 95 | 750ml Php 145), and Pinasarap Coconut SAP Vinegar (375ml Php 105 | 750ml Php 165).

Not only were they able to do this, but they also have expanded their product line to virgin coconut oil, coconut aminos, coconut balsamic, coconut sugar, and coconut syrup.

Truly, Quezon’s Best of Pasciolco-Agri Ventures has produced more than just amazing product line as they have also achieved their vision! Their products are not only certified as organic products, but are also Halal and Kosher Certified. Their products are even exported in countries such as USA, Canada, Russia Germany, Netherlands, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Know more about Pasciolco-Agri Ventures, Quezon’s Best, and their product line by checking out their Facebook. Also, more helpful information can be read on their Website, so better visit that too.

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