Raclette Manila Catering can turn any celebration to a feast!

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Raclette Manila Catering is perfect for any celebration you are planning to have. Believe us, they surely know how to throw a party—no, actually, scratch that. A party is an understatement since a feast is what they could actually throw. A tasteful feast at that!

Raclette Kit

They could make any place beautiful—majestic even—so if you have no time to decorate, then you can definitely call them and they have everything covered! Although, do take note that they are not just great with making a space sparkle with gorgeous decors because their food will honestly steal the scene as well.

Truffle Pasta

Raclette Manila Catering surely does not take their responsibility lightly. We promise you, you are going to love every bit of goodness that they will bring to the table. Their luscious food trays will take your celebration to a whole another level and of course, you will be along that delicious ride!

Baked Salmon

Their Baked Salmon is a sumptuous dish to ease your way into the journey that will Raclette Manila Catering take you. This dish is highlighted by a saucy and succulent serving of fresh salmon with a side of mushrooms and asparagus. Delish!

From indulging in a gift of the sea, let Raclette Manila Catering take you to an adventure on the land. Their Angus Shortplate with Mashed Potatoes is a crowd favorite for a reason and as much we want to tell you it is for you to find out, we can’t because we just can’t help but share with you how drool-worthy this one is! The tender slices of angus beef plus the delicious mushroom pepper sauce drizzled onto it, together with the filling mashed potatoes are certainly the bomb!

Truffle Pasta

Another the bomb Raclette Manila Catering dish to not miss out on is none other than their Truffle Pasta! If you are looking for an exquisite dish that will undeniably have you slurping until the last noodle, then this is it! Together with mushrooms and prosciutto, this Truffle Pasta is even more flavorful and satisfying.

Raclette Kit

Lastly, Raclette Manila Catering’s Raclette Kit is the real deal. If you are already ordering from them, then make sure you get your hands on this offering of theirs. Everything that is in this beautiful box is yummy plus it also comes with its adorable portable melter! You can also give this as a gift for your loved ones.

Don’t miss out into making your celebrations, especially this Holiday season, splendid and reach out to Raclette Manila Catering. You can visit their Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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