Ramen Nagi Opens in Nuvali

Ramen Nagi finally invades the South. Few weeks ago, we were invited to attend the exclusive bloggers event to welcome our #FavoriteRamen in Solenad, Nuvali.

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This branch is very special as this is the 50th Ramen Nagi restaurant in the world and 16th here in the Philippines. The location is visible on the road which makes it all the more accessible to the public. The restaurant has about 50 seating capacity, an open kitchen, and beautiful Japanese inspired interiors.

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The al fresco area of the restaurant will also give you that ramen-craving feeling due to its set-up. On the entrance, Ramen Nagi chips will welcome you. And we tell you, you couldn’t resist in having a pack or two. We’ve tried the Nori flavor and it’s addicting.

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Let’s go to the ramen, shall we?

We had their signature Butao King and the Limited Oyster King. What we truly like about Ramen Nagi is that you can customize everything in your bowl of goodness. From the richness of the taste, sauce, spice level, and even to the firmness of the noodle, you have the control.

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Their original Butao King is really flavorful. We liked the richness of the broth. Good thing that we chose our noodles to be hard as it well complemented the softness of the pork. And lastly, we would like to highlight how our ramen was beautifully served. Don’t you agree that the presentation of the food adds value to the overall foodie experience?

Photo 23-09-2017, 1 46 20 PM

We also tried their September special: Oyster King. This has deep fried oysters, rich oyster sauce, chashu, and oyster ball on top. We have one word to describe it – oysteriffic! This time, we ticked the Chef’s recommendation on the Omotenshi sheet. This ramen was really flavorful and filling!

Photo 23-09-2017, 1 44 29 PM

We also had their Chicken Karaage and it was good too! One serving is actually good for two people.

Photo 23-09-2017, 1 52 21 PM

Overall, we loved our experience in the newest Ramen Nagi in the Philippines! We heard they will be opening more branches in the South so better stay tuned for that. Thank you Ramen Nagi for the invite!

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Are you a lover of sardines and nori? Well, we are!!! This month’s Ramen Nagi Limited King is the Silver King! Available from October 1-15, 2017 only. So… see you in the nearest Ramen Nagi store?

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Facebook: Ramen Nagi Philippines
Instagram: Ramen Nagi Philippines

Featured Branch – Ramen Nagi Nuvali, Laguna

Address: Solenad 2, Nuvali, Don Jose, Santa Rosa
Operating Hours: 10 AM to 9PM

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