R&B Tea is now serving happiness in a cup in Greenhills!

R&B Tea is really pulling all the stops this year! We don’t know how they are doing this but here they are doing it. What is it, you might be wondering—well, they have been opening branches left and right, and to be honest, we have no complains! In fact, we are glad to be part of their journey as they surely deserve all the love they are getting! 

R&B Tea Greenhills

With the aim to share happiness in a cup, R&B Tea is definitely making a lot of people happy around the Metro. It was just like yesterday when we celebrated the opening of their first ever physical branch in Retiro that features a drive-thru and then, not so long ago, we were also present in the opening of their Caltex MCX branch which is perfect for when you and your loved ones are out for a long drive and want to have something to sip on plus munch on the side as well. 

This time, though, we are so excited to be, once again, part of an opening of an R&B Tea branch! Yes, you read that right—R&B Tea opened yet another new branch and this time it’s in Greenhills! Hooray! 

Greenhills is one of the most visited shopping centers here in the Metro and so we know that R&B Tea will once again be able to put more smiles on so many people! If you are around Greenhills and you are craving for some refreshmemts, then head onto the ground follor of VMall since that is where you will spot R&B Tea Greenhills! 

Here you will be able to choose from R&B Tea’s wide selection of thirst quenchers. Yes, that’s right, they don’t only have Milk Tea Series and Fresh Milk Series, but also, they have Macchiato Series and their Coffee Series! If you think R&B Tea will stop there, then think again, because you could also grab beverages from their Brewed Tea Series, their Fruit Tea Series, and even their Milo Dinosaur Series 

R&B Tea continues to prove how great they are when it comes to giving the people what they want and what they deserve! You can know more about R&B Tea by visiting their Website: http://www.rbtea.ph, Facebook: R&B Tea Philippines,  Tiktok: rbteaph, and Instagram: @rbtea.ph. They are also available on Booky, Grab Food, Food Panda and Pickaroo.

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