Reach a whole new level of sweet high with Claudette’s Cakeshop

Have you ever climbed a summit without gears? Have you ever reached the sky without riding a plane or jumping off of it? Wondering how you could achieve those? Ask us how. Kidding! Just so you know we don’t mean it literally when we say climbing a summit and reaching the sky. We mean that figuratively and in regards to food, because how else will we be able to do that, in all honesty?

Reaching that kind of high literally may be a dream of ours, but figuratively, we have done that with Claudette’s Cakeshop. Claudette’s Cakeshop, as their name already implies, is a cakeshop. However, they are not just another cakeshop as their creations are definitely of top quality as they have used premium ingredients that you won’t be able to resist.

Their White Mountain (9 inches Php 620) is layers of delectable chiffon cake with crushed pineapples in between, alongside crispy, light meringue for peaks. Truly, this is the kind of summit you will be able to climb up without gears unless the gears you mean are utensils.

Aside from that, another cake that will bring you to delicious new heights is their Cloud 9 (Tray Php 560). This one is a bestseller for a reason and that reason is because this one is of two layers of moist and decadent chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream, and topped with their very own silky ganache.

Indeed, these two luscious indulgence by Caudette’s Cakeshop will leave you wanting to reach that same high or maybe even more — which you don’t have to worry about, really, because they have more for you to conquer. Just visit their Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more.

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