Reach the Ultimate Level of Relaxation with El Nido Coco Resort

Talk about the summer vacay we all didn’t get… Yes, it’s the summer of 2020! We were all in our homes, apartments, or wherever we were; following the guidelines of the enhanced community quarantine to avoid getting sick and to keep not only ourselves, but everyone safe! It was all fun and chill at first, because we all wanted to have some time off from school, work, and every other responsibility outside the comfort of our homes; but that all came to an end when we started feeling drained and mentally stressed, because going outside is still a recreational activity that somehow eases the tension we are feeling. It was indeed hard, but we made it!

As that is the case, if you want to make the most of what’s left of summer, then head onto El Nido Coco Resort, because this lovely resort in El Nido sure is a paradise right on the side of a somehow busy road. El Nido Coco Resort has villas and bungalows to house their guests in. They also have a wonderful ambiance surrounded by trees and at night, lighted with mini torches, giving you that island-tiki-vibe that is just oh-so-relaxing.

Aside from their pool, you could also go take a swim in their beach; just walk to the back and there you will be enjoying the salty air, the feel of sand on your feet, and the calming sounds of waves. The scenery is a bonus to all that El Nido Coco Resort is already offering!

Other than an ultimate island escape, El Nido Coco Resort also has some oh-so-delicious dishes which diners could get a hold of and of course, more than a taste of, at their all-day dining restaurant, El Nido Coco Resort Restaurant. Putting a spotlight on local flavors, they are serving some Filipino faves and comfort food! What’s even more amazing is that they are serving their guests breakfast from 8AM to 10PM. Yes, when guests stay with them, they get a free breakfast which they can avail any time within 8AM to 10PM, because they want their guests to be able to sleep as much as they want to and wake up whenever they feel like waking up.

To top that all off, they also have a store filled with different things you could could take home for yourself or for your loved ones back home. From adorable bags to trendy outfits, from quality swimwear to lovely accessories, El Nido Coco Boutik by El Nido Coco Resort sure has it! Plus, they have a spa which you could book a massage from and choose whether to have it there or in your room.

Indeed, El Nido Coco Resort is a paradise! Such a scrumptious getaway and food adventure awaits you here!

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Contact Information

Contact Number: +639195877569

Address: Corong Corong Beach, 5313 El Nido, Palawan

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