Ready to meet a new friend? Say hello to Amigo Kimchi!

Extra punch? Extra kick? Oh, we are fans of that! Food with some spice in it is more like an adventure to us, and you know us… we say yes to adventure!

Do you know what else we say yes to? Kimchi! Kimchi makes our meal time more of an adventure, because of the extra flavor it adds to our whole dish. It does not even just adds flavor, it enhances the flavor.

More than that, kimchi has many benefits on the body as it promotes digestion and prevents constipation. Also, it is low in calories and fat, has anti-aging qualities, and it boosts production of collagen. Overall, it may strengthen the immune system as well. Kimchi is indeed a splendid dish!

As our love for kimchi is incomparable, we sure have found ourselves a source like no other. Amigo Kimchi has more than three kimchi variants as they represent premium Korean food here in the Philippines.

They have Original Amigo Kimchi (400g Php 140 | 800g Php 240), Spring Onion Kimchi (700g Php 400), Sweet & Spicy Chili Kimchi (250g Php 200), Korean Radish Kimchi (700g Php 250), Japanese Cucumber Kimchi (700g Php 250), and Ponytail Radish Kimchi (800g Php 250). Undeniably, Amigo really has a lot of Kimchi up for grabs and it is all for you to choose from.

Other than Kimchis, Amigo Kimchi also has some meats which you can pair with your choice of kimchi. These meats are Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal 1/2kg  Php 250) as well as US Beef Belly (1/2kg Php 380).

For more information, check out Amigo Kimchi’s Social Media Pages. You can message them on their Facebook and Instagram Pages to find out more.

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