Ready your chips, because Bernadips has always been ready for you!

Snacking is one of our ways to enjoy our break. Snacking is even one of our stress relievers as we love a good snack and sometimes a good snack can be chips. However, as much as we love chips, we often find ourselves looking for more flavor, hence our adoration for dips has come about.

Chips and dips make a perfect pair. Other than they rhyme, they really enhance the flavor in our snacking time. It makes our break more worthwhile as we get to enjoy a more delicious snack than we were having before. No doubt, dips are a game changer and this we got from Bernadips.

Bernadips is all about giving the people what they want — and that is in the form of three flavorful dips in a jar. These dips can be paired with chips as well as can be used a spread for bread. Truly, there are no boundaries when it comes with Bernadips.

As mentioned, they have three variants up for grabs and it all depends on you and your flavor preference. They have Cheesy Pimiento, Cheesy Pimiento Jalapeño, and Garlic Cucumber.

Their Cheesy Pimiento (Php 200) is a classic cheesy kind of dip; while their Cheesy Pimiento Jalapeño (Php 200) puts a twist on that by adding a bit of kick. Lastly, their Garlic Cucumber (Php 140) is the one that started it. This is their original and signature recipe that has always been a crowd favorite.

Bernadips is really out here making our snacking time even more extra, because their dips are extra. They also have some Nacho Chips (Php 40) available in Cheese, Barbecue, and Sweet and Spicy.

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