#ReadyToCook: You can now stock up on your Chowking favorites!

It’s back! Chowking’s Ready To Cook line is back and we are living for it. We have been struggling managing our time as we are trying to juggle a lot of responsibilities — both at work and at home — that we don’t have much leeway when it comes to preparing and cooking our food; and we know you get and understand what we mean.

Times have been an up and down of both overwhelming and underwhelming emotions and that’s just not helping us get back on track as much as we want to. However, slow progress is still progress, but also, finally having Chowking’s Ready To Cook line back in our lives — where it belongs, just want to add that — is truly a winning moment for us.

Chowking has been with us all our lives. Growing up, we would often eat out and Chowking is just one of our go-to places. It has never failed us, especially when what we are craving for are flavorful and filling Asian dishes that are a sure bang for the buck! That being said, as seven months of quarantine had passed, we have not really gotten out that much and we have not eaten out at a Chowking restaurant as we have really taken that “Stay at Home” precaution seriously. It is for our safety and our family’s safety too, after all!

Anyway, with that, we have been wishing so hard to be able to take home even just some of our Chowking favorites and this week, that wish has came true! Chowking has heard our pleas and as we have mentioned, their Ready To Cook line is back and is available in select Chowking stores nationwide!

Store. Cook. Enjoy. That’s what Chowking’s Ready To Cook line is all about as it includes their Chunky Asado Siopao with Asado Sauce, their Pork Siomai with Chili Oil, and their oh-so-delectable Buchi that is such a wonderful ender.

To best enjoy these delicious offerings, here are a few little reminders:

• Steam the Chunky Asado Siopao for 13 minutes

• Steam the Pork Siomai for 10 minutes

• Deep fry the Buchi for 2 to 3 minutes

That’s all you got to do and then you are all ready for a delicious good time with Chowking!

You can order Chowking’s Ready To Cook line via Take-out, Drive-thru, GrabFood, foodpanda, LalaFood, ChowkingDelivery.com, or you could also just call #98888!

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