Relish at Ponte: An elegant dining space that is on point

Tired of the almost routine turn of your days? Feeling a little bummed out about sitting on a dull day? Go for a finer take on things alongside classic, elegant twist by dining with Relish at Ponte Ponte.

For years, they have been a home to intimate eat outs, private celebrations, and even lovely date nights as they are tucked just in the ground floor of Ponte de Salcedo building in Salcedo Village, Makati. Not only is Relish at Ponte all about sophistication and grace, as they are also about comfort and hominess; because with them, diners will really feel at ease.

Diners really feel at ease as they tend to forget everything the moment food by Relish at Ponte hits their mouth like their California Maki Salad (Php 375) which is a deconstructed California maki salad with mango, nori, and crab sticks; alongside a few of their Small Plates such as the Relish Special Sisig (Php 305) and the Wagyu Salpicao (Php 495).

Relish at Ponte, of course, has other menu items for their diners to take pleasure in like their Samba Chicken (Php 415) which is a plate of roasted half chicken marinated in garlic, cane vinegar, and spices; their Slow Roasted Beef Belly with Au Jus (2 slices Php 495 | 3 slices Php 595) which is of beef belly slow-cooked for four hours, then topped with au jus gravy; and their Lengua with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Php 495) which is of ox tongue simmered until tender, and topped with creamy mushroom sauce.

They also have a bunch of seafood savories like their Salmon Volcano (Php 595) which is a Japanese inspired baked salmon topped with spicy creamy garlic with oriental sauce and Fish Kebab (Php 325) which is marinated in chimichurri sauce, served in fish fillet with garlic aioli.

A bonus yummy that people should not miss out on is their Margherita Pasta (Php 395) with garlic bread, because this one is just exquisite and simply delicious, which is also the case for their desserts namely the Butter Rum Cake (Php 135) as well as the Chocolate Caramel Cake (Php 155).

As Relish at Ponte is an elegant dining space, they now have added a fun and classy treat that their diners could avail and that is none other than their Afternoon Tea for Two (Php 425) which includes dips sampler, tea sandwiches (chicken waldorf and tuna), and cake bites on a three-tiered tray with your choice of tea or coffee.

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Address: Ponte Salcedo, Valero, Makati, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 519 3543

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 11AM to 10PM; Saturday 11AM to 3PM & 6PM to 10PM

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