Relish in a Feast of Japanese-Peruvian Flavors with Japonesa!

Poblacion is coming to life again and we are just so excited about it! Japonesa in Poblacion has been the talk of the town and we just could not help ourselves but check it out since we heard so many praises about it. From its set-up down to its food, people really have nothing else to say about this restaurant other than good notes. 


As that is the case, one day, we just found ourselves sitting in one of their lovely and comfortable seats, enchanted with how gorgeous their place actually is. Overall, Japonesa has a sexy but at the same time cozy vibe happening, and obviously, we are all for it! Plus, their bar is hands down extensive and gorgeous too! 


Japonesa, by the way, puts the spotlight to a fusion cuisine that many people have been craving for. By combining meticulous Japanese techniques on top of fresh Peruvian ingredients, Japonesa promises their diners the most authentic Japanese-Peruvian dishes that will get them hooked in no time! 


Believe it or not, Japonesa already has a wide array of delicious plates and we were able to try nine of those! To start, we got a dish from their Ceviche and Taradito selections. Their Verde (Php 490) is a refreshing servings of Norwegeian Salmon, lemon, apple, and coconut milk, while their Hamachi (Php 875) is a flavorful punch of Yellowtail, yuzu, and garlic chimichurri. 

Anticuchos De Lomo
Dragon Roll

We followed those two with more easy eats from Japonesa Poblacion’s Yakitori and Maki selections. Their Anticuchos De Lomo (Php 690) is a sumptuous serving of US Tenderloin Beef, and their Dragon Roll which is actually a new addition to their menu and we feel so special getting first dibs on this must-try creation! 

La Japonesa

After teasing ourselves with those already luscious picks from Japonesa, we then moved onto their Signature dishes. Their La Japonesa (Php 650) is made with crispy rice, spicy tuna, and green chili which gave us that delectable kick we have always enjoyed; while their Ryu (Php 750) is made with shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, and cucumber which is a polar opposite of La Japonesa, but still delicious nonetheless since each mouthful of this dish was revitalizing and savory! 

Lengua Katsu
Pollo Mostaza

Of course, we also made sure to get our hands on their mains, and spoiler alert: Japonesa did not disappoint! Their Lengua Katsu (Php 950) is a luscious serving of beef tongue katsu and creamy potatoes; while their Pollo Mostaza (Php 550) is a scrumptious plate of chicken thigh and creamy dijon. These two surely had our hearts the moment we set our eyes on it, so imagine us just falling more deeply in love with them the moment we got a taste of each! 

Lomo Saltado

However, that is not everything we have had at Japonesa, because we also got to taste another one of their mains, and that is none other than Lomo Saltado (Php 990) which is hands down a lush serving of mainated tenderloin steak, flavored and cooked to perfection! This dish truly tied up our Japonesa experience and we can’t wait to be back soon, since we also want to try more of their drinks. 

Watermelon Basil Smash Tub

Speaking of their drinks, we actually got to delight in four Japonesa cocktails! We started with their Watermelon Basil Smash Tub (Php 1900) as this one was good for three to four people. Made with Hendricks, basil, and watermelon, this one has delectable mix of fruity and minty notes. 

Pineapple Hai-Ball

As we wanted more of that fruity zing, we then moved onto their Pineapple Hai-Ball (Php 400) which is a mix of sake, pineapple, and cilantro, as well as their Sakura (Php 400) which is a mix of gin, strawberry, and hibiscus. These two were lovely drinks that had us sipping the night away, which is perfect since we are all about shooing all the stress and worries we have gone through for the past week. 

White Rabbit

Topping this all off is yet another Japonesa drink which is such a sweet ender, if you ask us. Their White Rabbit (Php 590) is an ode to that classic 90s candy and undeniably, this one was a delight! Made with whiskey, Mancino Vermouth, and white rabbit, this one was like having a sip of our younger years! 


Japonesa is really doing amazing and more-than-appetizing work in the very heart of Poblacion. With that, we would like to say cheers to Head Chef Luis Higa and Notorious Concepts CEO James Thomas as Japonesa is their brainchild and they surely have connected both culture-grounded technique as well as local perspective on fusion food like no other. 


Know more about Japonesa and experience authentic Japanese-Peruvian goodness by visiting them at 5658 Don Pedro St, Corner Jacobo, Poblacion, Makati, 1210. You can also check them out on their Facebook and Instagram.

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