Relive the 90’s with These Classics from Sobre Mesa!

Sobre Mesa revamps their menu to offer fusion Spanish and European favorites that bring you back to the 90’s.

Restaurants these days are all about creating innovative gastronomic delights, but nothing beats the classics— nostalgic dishes shared with family and friends, or childhood favorites that your mother used to make.

Now you too can take a trip down memory lane in Sobre Mesa, a laid back and chill restaurant located in the new wing of Shangri-la Plaza. This Spanish and European fusion restaurant first started out in Sapphire Bloc along Ortigas, but when owners wanted to bring this culinary delight to Shangri-la Plaza, they knew they had to do something to stand out from the myriad of Spanish and Filipino restaurants already in the mall.

Which was why Chef Benjo Tuason, together with his Tito and Tita friends, gave Sobre Mesa a makeover.

From an elegant signage with swirling calligraphy that hangs above the restaurant, Sobre Mesa’s new logo now features a bold, retro font that is both eye-catching and youthful.

From this
To this!

To give it a more 90’s vibe, Sobre Mesa got itself a Betamax playing classic songs from the likes of Backstreet Boys on loop, posters of iconic shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and large tables for big groups. That’s because Sobre Mesa now zeroes in on the 90’s kids, who by now are bona fide Titos and Titas of their own right. The goal is to bring back the nostalgia of the good ol’ days, perfect for those who want a momentary breather from the hustle and bustle of a busy life.


Sobre Mesa’s menu now includes a mix of new dishes and upgraded version of their bestsellers, featuring heirloom recipes from Chef Tuason himself. During their grand launch, I was given the honor of trying out their new offerings:



Sobre Mesa Sangria (PHP155)

Nothing says Tita more than by having a glass of Sangria to go with your meals. Sobre Mesa offers a delightfully refreshing version that is sweeter and fruitier, with undernotes of wine. But non-drinkers need not worry—there’s also a non-alcoholic version that you can enjoy. (Hot tip: you can get the first glass for free! It’s a wonderful upgrade from the usual complimentary breads or service waters)


Prosciutto and Melon Salad (PHP280)

We started off with something light and fresh in line with summer. Sobre Mesa’s salad features crisp Romaine lettuce, shreds of Parmesan cheese and some Italian ham— prosciutto— along with some slices of melons for added sweetness. Trust me, if you’re not normally a fan of salads, you will enjoy this, since it comes with a good balance of greens and toppings. Each bite comes with a good mix of salty and sweet flavors, plus that touch of smokiness from the ham.

Main Course


Arroz con Pollo y Chorizo (PHP490)

No meal is ever complete without rice. Sobre Mesa knows that, which is why they included the classic Spanish paella in their menu. Also known as “Chicken and Chorizo Rice”, this dish features a tomato and saffron-based rice along with a medley of peas, red and green bell peppers, bites of chicken and slices of chorizo all mixed together. It’s hearty and filling— a perfect pairing to their numerous viands, or best enjoyed even on its own. This was one of my favorites, since it had a good mix of flavors and ingredients.


Arroz Negra (PHP520)

Another Spanish staple for the rice lovers out there, the Arroz Negra features warm and fluffy black rice coated in squid ink, mixed with with soft rings of squid and bell peppers. The whole dish is finished off with a drizzle of cream, topped with some lemon slices. I recommend squeezing the lemon all over for that touch of sourness that contrasts with rich, briny flavors.


Tito Jap’s Bulalo Estofado (PHP490)

One of the many dishes that was named after the co-owners of Sobre Mesa, Tito Jap’s Bulalo Estofado is a family recipe from Chef Benjo. It showcases slow-braised beef shank in a mix of soy sauce and citrus to give it a tangy sour taste that melds well with the savory richness of the beef. The meat was tender and flaky, while the veggies were crisp. Overall, it is a heartwarming dish best paired with rice.


Sobre Mesa’s Chicken and Steak Combo (PHP1,600)

Since Sobre Mesa is a place for titos, titas, or just about anyone to hang out, they’ve changed their menu to include hearty platters perfect for sharing. Sobre Mesa’s Chicken and Steal Combo features a plethora of tasty bites from Sobre Mesa, which include a slab of tender steak (cooked however way you’d like it— medium rare, medium well or well-done), and a piece of Roasted Chicken as your meat options.

For side dishes, you get some slices of strawberry-filled bananas, a bed of salad with a creamy dressing, and some sweet corn fritters. The fritters are Sobre Mesa’s innovative take on the well-loved corn muffin, which features a crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside consistency. It’s a mix of salty and sweet, very much airy and fluffy.


Roasted Chicken (PHP690)

The Roasted Chicken, on the other hand, is a nostalgic favorite that takes you back to home-cooked meals shared with family. Oven-baked ‘til it becomes a lovely golden brown, the chicken is tender and juicy, seasoned just right with a touch of herbs. You even get some buttered vegetables on the side for your veggie fix.


Hot Tip: Enjoy your mains with their array of homemade sauces, ranging from meaty gravy, creamy aioli, earthy Chimichurri, and tangy barbecue sauce.


Tito Lance’s Crusted Salmon (PHP580)

Another dish that gets its name from one of the co-owners, Tito Lance’s Crusted Salmon is perfect for pescatarians, or for those who want something heart-healthy. This omega-rich dish is made up of a flaky and tender piece of salmon that’s coated with a layer of creamy Bechamel sauce, which is then coated all over with a crunchy mix of herbs and seasoned breadcrumbs to give it a crunchy bite. Enjoy it with some summery tomato and corn salsa, or with some buttered veggies.


Tito Harvard’s Osso Buco (PHP580)

Tito Harvard’s Osso Buco is a favorite of co-owner Harvard, of whom the dish was fondly named after. Here, braised veal shanks slow-cooked in a tomato-based sauce take center stage, along with creamy mashed potatoes and crisp vegetables side dishes. Rich, meaty and savory, it’s comfort food that is best enjoyed with a glass of sangria.



Tito Augusto’s Mango Coconut and Almond Cheesecake (PHP230)

Tito Augusto’s Mango Coconut and Almond Cheesecake, aptly named after a certain Tito slash co-owner, is a sweet cap to any meal. It’s rich and creamy, with a smooth consistency that coats your tongue with a subtle sweetness. The cheesecake comes with a mix of sweet mangoes on top, paired with crunchy slices of almonds, and is finished off with a lovely drizzle of caramel.


Salted Caramel and Banana Cheesecake (PHP230)

For those who enjoy something sweeter, I would recommend the Salted Caramel and Banana Cheesecake. Reminiscent of Banana Cream pie, this dessert features the same rich cream cheese base, but with soft bananas on top and a light dusting of salt. Caramel syrup is generously poured all over to add a further sweetness that melds with the salt and rich, velvety taste of the cheesecake.

Aside from a makeover to their menu, which now caters to titos, titas, or just about anyone looking for the classic taste of home, Sobre Mesa also features exciting promos to look out for:

Happy Hour_ (1).jpg

Happy Hour, Every Hour (5PM onwards)

Now this is one great way to end the day! From 5PM onwards, guests can now get 4 bottles of local beer for just PHP250. And that’s not all! Cocktails even come at a flat rate of PHP100 each in this exciting promo!

Tito and tita Day_.jpg

Titos and Tita’s Day! (Wednesdays)

Seniors aren’t the only ones who get discounts now. If you’re a bona fide Tito or Tita who was born from 1975 to 1990, you get a pre-senior discount of 16% on your bill every Wednesday. Now how’s that for a mid-week treat?

Sangria copy.jpg

Sangria on the House! (Every First Visit)

I love me some good alcohol, and I’m sure that a bunch of you do too! Sobre Mesa is the first of its kind to offer one free glass of sangria on your first visit—a great prelude for what’s to come! And if you’re not much of a drinker, you can opt for their non-alcoholic alternative too.

Unli Tapas (Saturdays)

Unlimited Korean barbecue may be all the rage now, but what about unlimited tapas? On Saturdays, Sobre Mesa offers this great deal for only PHP450, exclusive to their Shangri-la Plaza branch. That’s right—meat all you can! How awesome is that?


Sobre Mesa currently has two branches— one at Shangri-la Plaza, which is located at the East Atrium, Level 4, and one at the Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas Center. The Shangri-la branch is open during mall hours from 11am-9pm, daily, while the one at Sapphire Bloc is open from 11 AM to 2 PM and 5PM to 10PM on weekdays, and until midnight on weekends.

Get to know more about Sobre Mesa’s menu and exciting promos by visiting their website at For inquiries and reservations, you can contact them on @sobremesaph via Facebook and Instagram.


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