Reminisce Cherished Moments with F Patisserie

Remember when you were a kid and a simple pianono could already make your day? How about when it’s a Sunday and everyone is bonding over a box of kakanin? Those are indeed fun times, right? Those are the kind of cherished memories we love to reminisce about from time to time. It brings a sense of lightness and joy every time.

However, just recently, having those is not just a memory anymore as we got to sink our teeth into those lovely treats with a different yet delectable twist, all tanks to F Patisserie. F Patisserie is a bakeshop that specializes in local desserts and pastries and looking at them got us drooling already, so we know it will have you drooling, too!

 Their Pianono Yema (Php 390 | Box of 12) is soft and moist and has this oh-so-sweet yema filling that will have your mouth watering and your hand reaching for another slice! This one is a classic favorite that is adored by many. It is indeed a bestseller and you will soon find out why when you finally get to have a taste of it!

While their bibingka is not just a typical bibingka as this one is actually a Bibingka Cheesecake (Big Php 420). This one come in a mini version, too, for when you just want to satisfy your cravings, but do not have that much of an appetite. Nonetheless, having this one will give you a feeling of that cozy Christmas morning you spend with your loved ones. 

Another classic with a fantabulous touch is their offering of brownies. Can’t decide whether you want to go for chocolate or coffee? Try their Benguet Cold Brew Brownies (Php 220) which is a scrumptious take on both! After all, you will never go wrong having two things you want all mashed up into one!

 F Patisserie is available on Facebook and Instagram, so better drop by in both of their pages to see what more they to have to offer! You can also send them a message for your orders, but do remember to give them 24 to 48 hours to respond.

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