Reminisce delicious times while enjoying sumptuous dishes from Food Nostalgia by Rome Infante

We usually associate one thing with another just like how we associate classic Filipino dishes that have been a staple in our household with our memories from our childhood. Truly, having them now that we are an adult brings a number of lovely childhood memories that we miss.

Their taste just keep on flooding our mind with blissful times hence us feeling a bit nostalgic with every mouthful — and that’s exactly what happened when we got to dig into some of Food Nostalgia by Rome Infante’s yummy viands. Food Nostalgia by Rome Infante is all about making you feel even more at home with their selection of familiar dishes that are just irresistible.

Their Special Laing (Php 250), Caldereta Tisay (Php 280) and Beef Papaitan (Php 195) are three of their All Time Classics. These dishes really gave us that taste of home we oh-so-love. Memories of us having fun under the sun when we were younger started to flood our mind and it just made our meal experience even more delicious.

Food Nostalgia by Rome Infante is not only about classics, though, because they also have some goodies that trended just recently such as Baked Sushis which comes in different flavors. Two of which are Baked Kami Maki (Php 600) and Baked Cheesy Kani (Php 600). These treats surely made us grateful for what we have now as what we have now is actually what we have dreamed of when we were younger afterall.

To put a sweet kiss to this delightful journey with Food Nostalgia by Rome Infante, they also made sure to have some Desserts available in their menu. They have two delectable puto variants up for grabs and these are Original Fluffy Puto (Php 120) and Fluffy Puto Limone (Php 150).

Food Nostalgia by Rome Infante is ready to make you feel like a kid again and be grateful of what your present has brought you. Find out more of Food Nostalgia by Rome Infante by checking their Facebook and Instagram.

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