Reserve a VIP room and get your own personal butler at Varra Resto & Bar

Have you heard about this fairly new restaurant x bar around San Juan? Well, if you haven’t, then today is your lucky day, because we got the chance to dine with them on their soft opening and they are really popping! Varra Resto & Bar actually came to life as the owners just wanted a great hangout place for themselves… until they found themselves wanting to share their hangout place to the public since they really want others to have as much of a good time as they are having. Talk about spreading good vibes, right?!

As the owners just want to give people a place where they can relax and just forget all their worries even for just a bit, of course they are also offering some goodies that have everyone making yummy noises. They are not going for a certain cuisine, but their yummies really are of comfort food that bring people a lot closer and make bonds even stronger. Serving no fuss, crave-worthy dishes that would have diners drooling in no time, Varra Resto & Bar is really the perfect hangout place if ever you find yourselves near the area, plus you could also book their VIP rooms – one of which even comes with your own butler and loo.

If you are in a hurry and just up for some quick and fun munching time with your friends or maybe even family, then go check out their Starters, because they have a bunch of snackable munchies that you really would easily call dibs on! Their Sizzling Sisig (Php 240) and Sizzling Sisig with Eggs (Php 270) are classics you wouldn’t want to miss.

Meanwhile their Crispy Shrooms (Php 130) which are made of oyster & enoki mushrooms, and their Spam Chips (Php 210) with garlic aioli are just a few of their offering of easy eats with that much-enjoyed crunch in every bite.

Other Starters that are so worth the rave as well are their Varra’s Nacho Overload (Php 350) and their Varra’s Steak Salpicao (Php 380) which is a fave.

After having their Starters and you have more time to spare, then grab a load of their carb-y options like their Classic Carbonara (Php 290) with poached egg and Chicken Pesto Marinara (Php 380) which both come with garlic bread. If you are pasta fans like we are, oh, boy, you are in for a treat!

However, if you are more of an alipin-ng-kanin person, then head onto their Rice Bowls selection as their Soy Garlic Chicken Poppers (Php 240) and coleslaw is just everything we never thought we needed in our lives and their Beef Tapa (Php 240) and salted egg and salsa is a classic Pinoy fave you won’t regret going for.

Having their Soy Galic Chicken Poppers will probably get you hooked for more, just like what happened to us, so don’t fret, because Varra Resto & Bar actually has some chicken wings for you to enjoy. Their Garlic Parmesan Wings (Php 230 per wings basket) as well as their Soy Garlic Wings (Php 230 per wings basket) are just two of their oh-so-jusicy, oh-so-tasty wings which you can also avail in their unli wings option!

And while all these munching, biting, slurping is going on, of course, for you to not have a hard time gobbling everything down, get your table some drinks! Varra Resto & Bar has a lot and you better get at least one glass to really calm your nerves. Their Signature Cocktails sure are yum, especially the ones we got to try namely Varra Mountain (Php 200) which has a hint of citrus-y flavor, their Basil Slush (Php 200) which is refreshing, and their Rosee el Varra (Php 200) which a cocktail their bartender created specially for rosee hoegaarden!

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Address: 3rd Floor, 333 P. Guevarra St, San Juan, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0916 587 0345

Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday 6PM to 2AM; Friday and Saturday 6PM to 3AM

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