Restaurant Depot: A One Stop Shop For Setting Up Your Dream Restaurant


Putting up a restaurant is almost impossible enough with all the factors that you need to consider. From the place, to the equipment, to the staff and crew, to the furnitures, almost every aspect requires all of your time and dedication.


Good thing, there’s an establishment called Restaurant Depot where you can get mostly all of your local ingredients needs in bulk and bigger quantities. This absolutely take the burden off in shopping from one place to another.


Located in the very accessible part of Pasay and just a few meters away from Roxas Boulevard,  this place can be considered a restaurant haven from all aspiring restaurant owners big or small.

Restaurant Depot is solely dedicated for the Food Service Industry.  It’s a membership only warehouse club for people who owns and manages, canteens, food stalls, restaurants. Also for the caterers, bakes and chefs.


They offer a large selection of ingredients, food supplies, and kitchenware in a convenient shopping format, where buying in bulk translates to big savings.


Their goal is to provide the best pricing available for their customers.

So whether you are an aspiring baker, an up-and-coming chef, or a passionate restaurateur, you would absolutely enjoy taking a trip at this huge warehouse store.

Their membership is for free, just visit their website below and sign up.

Official Website:

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