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Right off the bat, we are here to tell you guys how amazed we are not only with the offerings Infinity Gourmet Foods prides themselves in, but also with the growth they have had for the past years. They started with just the goal to bring good, premium sushi closer to homes since people were stuck at home and could not visit their favorite sushi places. As Infinity Gourmet Foods started to be known as home to premium sushi that can be delivered within the day, they then decided to expand their selection to a variety of hot food; and now their menu is packed with delicious food that could satisfy anyone’s cravings in no time. 

From sushi and hot food, Infinity Gourmet Foods now has a number of Italian dishes and Chinese delicacies up for grabs, and they are even planning to add more. However, sushi, sashimi, and a whole lot of premium Japanese favorites are still what they are very much known for — which honestly, you will find out soon enough as to why. Spoiler Alert: Everything is just majestic to look at, indulgent to the taste buds, and of course, satisfying in every aspect.

Starting off with a visual feast – their Chirashi Cake (6 inches Php 3750 | 8 inches Php 4800) is taking the classic cake up a notch. This one is gorgeously made up of only the freshest ingredients Infinity Gourmet Foods could get their hands on! With its inside being wakame and kani, its outside is then packed and covered with Norwegian Salmon, Hamachi, Yellowfin Tuna, Hotate, Bluefin Tuna Chutoro, Bluefin Tuna Otoro, Shimesaba, Hokkigai, Kajiki, Tamago, and Ikura.

Another feast option Infinity Gourmet Foods has for you is their Infinity Boat Series! You can begin sailing with their Sakura Boat (1 to 2 people Php 2600) which is a sushi and sashimi boat that you can savor all on your own or with someone; or you can also party it up with their Kenji Boat (4 to 5 people Php 3000 | 6 to 8 people Php 5000) which is a loaded maki boat that consists of an array of well-curated premium makis. Although, if you are on the lookout for everything and by that we mean maki, sushi, and sashimi, then you better ride with their Fuji Boat (4 to 5 people Php 3700) because this one has it all!

Infinity Gourmet Foods surely has a lot of sumptuous ways for you to feel special; one of which is through their Special Boxes. Their Chirashi Don (Php 2950) consists of sliced premium salmon, bluefin tuna, hamachi, tamago, hotate, amaebi, ikaw, and ikura which are all on top of a bed of Japanese sushi rice; while their Asami Box (Phpn 1550) is actually a 24-piece premium maki set which includes four pieces each of toro, yellowfin tuna, hamachi, kani, salmon, and uni maki. These are not the only ones you should be watching out for, though, because they also have the Infinity Bento Box (Php 5650) which has salmon topped with caviar, hamachi, toro, surf clam, wagyu, unagi, foie gras, and hokkaido scallops; the Nijiko Box (Php 2950) which is packed with 25 squares of premium sashimi on top of sushi rice; and the Mizaki Box (Php 2650) which is such a beautiful special box filled 31 assorted premium sashimi, nigiri, maki, and aburi. Believe us, these are all yummy and exquisite!

Other than their classic Special Boxes, Infinity Gourmet Boxes also has a line of Special Boxes that would have your special someone fall even more head over heels in love with you! Their Salmon Heart (Php 2050) is generously filled with absolutely fresh air flown Norwegian Salmon on a bed of flavorful Japanese rice, and then sprinkled with Grade A Ikura; while their Heartpossai (Php 2350) is lovingly made with 8 premium ingredients scattered on a bed of Japanese sushi rice. What are these 8 premium ingredients? Well, these are salmon, hamachi, chutoro, hotate, surf clam, unagi, uni, and ikura. Such drool-worthy and heartwarming options, if you ask us!

As we have mentioned earlier, Infinity Gourmet Foods now has hot food as well so don’t you dare miss out on their Premium Donburi selection. Their Chicken Teriyaki (Solo 1 to 2 people Php 450 | Half Tray 3 to 4 people Php 850 | Full Tray 5 to 8 people Php 1650) is a delectable plate of grilled chicken lacquered in sweet soy signature teriyaki sauce; their Katsudon (Solo 1 to 2 people Php 450 | Half Tray 3 to 4 people Php 850 | Full Tray 5 to 8 people Php 1650) is a delicious serving of signature pork katsu simmered with eggs in sweet and savory broth glaze served over a bed of Japanese rice; and their Beef Gyudon (Solo 1 to 2 people Php 550 | Half Tray 3 to 4 people Php 950 | Full Tray 5 to 8 people Php 1800) is a scrumptious plate of thinly sliced US beef simmered in special sauce, sauteed tender onions, and then topped with perfectly poached eggs served over Japanese rice. 

Indeed, Infinity Gourmet Foods continues to pamper their new and loyal customers with luscious food offerings only they could provide. Believe it or not, what we have shown you today is just a sneak peek of what they actually have. Know more about all the goodness you could dig into and enjoy from Infinity Gourmet Foods by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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