Ribhouse Barbecue is ready to give you only the best!

We had a trip to Cebu just a few weeks ago and of course, we dare not to miss out on what’s latest when it comes to the dining scene. With that, we were pointed to Ribhouse Barbecue, a lovely casual dining restaurant inside Gaisano Mall. With refreshing blue hues and comfortable seats, Ribhouse Barbecue had us gobbling down meaty plate after meaty plate. In total, we had four hearty dishes from their Off the Grill selection, plus two new dishes that they have yet to release.

Ribhouse Barbecue
Ribhouse Barbecue

Ribhouse Barbecue is truly the place to be if your belly wants some of that trusty ole comfort food! After all, Ribhouse Barbecue believes that your belly knows best, and so they aim to please your belly alongside all your senses. Currently, their menu is as straightforward as it could get and that is honestly one of the reasons why we enjoyed dining with them. You guys know how much we like our food with no fuss, right?

Pork Belly
Chorizo BBQ

Ribhouse Barbecue kicked things off with us by serving us their Pork Belly (Php 190) which comes with a side of atchara that delectably cuts through that luscious savory flavor that the pork belly itself has. Next we had their Chorizo BBQ (Php 99) which is undeniably tasty and oh-so-juicy, plus this also comes with that lovely atchara on the side. Yummy!

Chicken BBQ
BBQ Back Ribs
BBQ Back Ribs

After that, we then proceeded to dig into their Chicken BBQ (Php 145) which is tender and has that delectable smokey note to it. Of course, we followed that with their bestseller, their BBQ Back Ribs (Php 239) which is downright sumptuous, especially paired with buttered corn. Everything is just honestly so good!

Pork Steak
Pork Steak
Beef Short Plate

Other than those staples, Ribhouse Barbecue, as we have mentioned also served us two of their newest plates—their Pork Steak and their Beef Short Plate! Believe us, these two will have you drooling in an instant! We are sure these two will be loved as much as their other dishes, if not more, once they are released!

Chocolate Moist

These Off the Grill dishes are truly satisfying and filling because each plate comes with an unlimitdd rice serving, so if you are feeling ravenous, Ribhouse Barbecue is where you really should be! Other than savories, they do have some beverages and desserts up for grabs, like their Chocolate Moist (Php 199) which is a decadent cake that is exactly what its name suggests.

Ribhouse Barbecue surely has other dishes that you could go for! To catch more of the yumminess they have in store for you, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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