What’s Up, Neighbor?: Trust Rojo Coffee in giving you a homey place to be in

Really embodying their name, Rojo Coffee is a head-turner with their intense color red catching your attention and representing love, passion, and joy as they strongly believe their brand does not only have these values, but also also stands for these values.

This neighborhood café of yours is finally open and they have everything you could possibly need – from wake-uppers to comfort food faves, for dine-in or even takeaway. Combining Filipino and Spanish flavors, you sure are to enjoy the Rojo way!

To finally get a taste of that famous Rojo way, hype yourself up with their Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Php 245) which is made with house-made potato bun sandwiching a thick crusted chicken fillet, topped with coleslaw, cucumber, and lettuce.

From a comfort food, go slurp two more, specifically from their Pasta selection – the Taba ng Talangka Spaghetti (Php 285) which is a plate of spaghetti noodles sautéed in taba ng talangka, garlic, and calamansi as well as the Classic Pancit Palabok (Php195) which is a bowl of rice noodles sautéed in thick golden shrimp sauce, and topped with shrimp, chicharrones, and egg.

And of course, as Rojo Coffee combines both Spanish and Filipino food, it is just a must to have their Rice Bowls. In ordering their rice bowls, you get to do three fun steps that would make your bowl more personal. First is to decide how your egg is going to be; second is what rice do you actually want to have; and third is to pick a side of your choice.

House-made Longganisa Hamonado (Php 245)

After all that, you get to finally have some alone time with your choice of Rice Bowl just like we did. We went for their House-made Longganisa Hamonado (Php 245) which has that wonderful play on sweet and salty tones, their Daing na Bangus (Php 265) which just made us feel even homier than we already feel, and their Adobo Flakes (Php 265) which is no surprise, has snatched our hearts the moment we had a taste of it.

To aid us in gulping all those savories down, we had a plunge in two of their wake uppers namely their Iced Roasted Almond Coffee (12oz Php 175 | 16oz Php 190) and their Hot Cafe Latte (8oz Php 125 | 12oz Php 140).

Pairing those two with some of their pastries which we absolutely loved. Their Ube Cake (Php 140), Rojo Spanish Cheesecake (Php 195), Sansrival (Php 165), and Classic Chocolate Cake (Php 170) are four different slices of heaven we all want to have.

To end this the sweet Filipino way, we went for Bibingka (Php 150) which is a plate of a huge traditional bibingka rice cake topped with salted egg, cheese, muscovado sugar, and niyog.

Rojo Coffee is really a wonderful dining place to try and come back to as they have that extra magic touch the makes your meal time sumptuous, chill, and unforgettable. You would keep on wanting to relive it which is not a surprise at all, especially if you support local, because Rojo Coffee use real, local, and responsibility-sourced ingredients, making their dishes all from scratch.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RojoCoffeePh/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rojocoffee.ph/

Address: Victoria Sports Tower, 799 1103 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0915 051 6699

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 10:30AM to 7:00PM

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