Route 39: Home of the Addicting Onigiwich

Onigiri is a popular Japanese dish that is of either small balls or triangles of rice stuffed with a filling and then wrapped with a dried seaweed. It is a classic that have made tummies happy for years and now people have put a twist to it as they have started to turn it into a sandwich, just like what Route 39 did. Route 39 is said to be the Home of the addicting Onigiwich and we just could not wait for you to try it!

Route 39 has made their Onigiwich in four filling flavors and you surely will get hooked with even just a bite on any of it. You can have their Onigiwich in Karaage, Spam, Salmon, and Tamago. These ones are absolutely heavy on the belly since they have rice in it too.

Eggs are a wonderful way to start your day with, so you might first want to try their Tamago Onigiwich. For only Php 250, you will be able to jumpstart your day with a Box of 6 Slices of this goodie. Not bad, eh? Follow that up with their Spam Onigiwich since Spam is another tasty treat to have in the morning. This one you will be able to love up a Box of 6 Slices for only Php 350.

Other than those two, if you are feeling hungry in the middle of the day, you can reach for their Karaage Onigiwich which has that generous meat filling in the middle. A Box of 6 Slices of this can be grabbed for only Php 350. Of course, if you want to go a bit extra, take your time with their Salmon Onigiwich. With this, you will get lush salmon slices in every bite which you will be enjoying a Box of 6 Slices for only Php 350.

Can’t decide which one you want to try first. You can go for Route 39’s Tomodachi Box which is a Mix n Match Box of their Onigiwich variants available for Php 300 and Php 350.

Besides Onigiwich, Route 39 also has Rice Bakes, Curry, and even Curry Bundles for you to finish. For more information, visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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