Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan’s Saffron Cafe greeted us a good morning indeed

The sun greeted us a good morning from our Villa Suite at Crimson Resort & Spa. We loved how bright it was in Cebu because here in Manila, we Manilenos know how our weather has been moody these past few days, if not  even months; and so having the sun proud and out was an exciting thing for us because that means we could explore the whole resort without the hassle of the rain or the fear of catching a cold or whatnot.

Anyway, before all the exploration that was yet to be done, we needed some boosters and satisfiers of course and that’s where Saffron Café comes in the picture. As we were guests who were staying at one of their Villa Suite, our breakfast should actually be with Enye by Chele Gonzales, but then we also wanted to try Saffron Café’s so that’s where we headed on our first morning with Crimson.

Saffron Café’s breakfast buffet spread was no doubt a global one in order to cater to their diverse guests – which we are not complaining about at all, because we love different food options. The Crimson crown was undeniably early risers becuae as early as 6AM, the restaurant already has a couple of diners.

Here, we get to enjoy some eggs from their eggs stations, some western options like pancakes and waffles, some Korean nomnoms, a bunch of breads and a whole lot more.

Specifically, we went for a lot of brekky munchies as well as heavy ones and you are going to see that because we started with coffee and tea, but then went straight to a plate of sunny side up eggs, native chorizo, and daing. And we just could not have enough of that plate as we opted for a second round and added a serving of roasted potatoes.

As eggs really are a breakfast staple, we got our table scrambled eggs and paired it with a number of longganisa hamonada which was just downright a delight! Having to get a taste of sweet plus savory, we sure had a great time with so we decided to play more with those flavors and got ourselves a plate of bacon and a plate of pancakes with rainbow sprinkles and mini marshmallows.

Also, their Congee which you get to load with whatever toppings you want is such a lovely wake upper, especially ours was filled with leeks, some meat, and lots and lots of fried garlic bits.

Lastly, for that delectable sweet kiss, we went back to the buffet spread and grabbed some pastries and kakanin like Strawberry Puto and Biko. We also topped that off with mango Danish as well as Pomelo Danish.

Truly, our breakfast with Crimson Resort & Spa’s Saffron Café was something we enjoyed and something that got our early morning cravings fixed and fulfilled in no time.

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Address: Seascapes Resort Town, Soong, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

Contact Number: (032) 401 9999

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