Saffron Cafe flew our palate to a variance of flavors around the globe and we sure enjoyed it

On our second night with Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan, we got to try their dinner buffet at their all-day dinig restaurant Saffron Café. Saffron Café is the go-to restaurant of most guests and we get it, because with them, you get a to be as comfy as you can be while also enjoying your favorite International food options.

As this one is of a dinner buffet, we made sure to really check out their spread because we want to end our tiring yet fun day with an absolute delicious bang! And let’s just say we don’t regret dining with Saffron Café one bit.

This dinner spread of Saffron Café is of an international fare that highlights Korean, Japanese, and of course Filipino cuisines, among others.

We started with something that is a comfort food ours, pasta. From their pasta station, you will be the one to choose the noodles as well as the sauce and we went for the classic spaghetti in red sauce and we are not complaining at all.

Spicy Shrimp in Coconut Milk

From the comfort of pasta, we flew our way to the homey touch of a bunch of Filipino dishes like their Spicy Shrimp in Coconut Milk, their Crispy Pata, their Lechon Belly, and their Kare-Kare. Each of this dish really gave us a sense of home in every bite, helping us cope up from the tiniest bit of homesickness we were trying to suppress.


After those, we then headed onto their Korean dishes selection and grabbed ourselves a plate of their Japchae which is an easy fave because we really love a good Japchae and this one is not only a good one, but a great one, indeed!

Plate of Assorted Desserts

To end this, we checked out their dessert bar and loaded our mouths with a bunch of their pastries and whatnot like their Maja Blanca, their Tora Cebuana, their Choclate Éclair, as well as their Leche Flan. We also got to make our own Halo-Halo and Ice Cream which we undeniably loaded with toppings.

Every night, here at Saffron Café is where Crimson Resort & Spa houses their dinner buffet which is easily adored by their diners as well as their guests, especially that they could cater to a lot of Pinoys and even tourists of different nationalities.

Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan’s Saffron Café want to make their guests and diners feel at home and they achieved that goal for sure.

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Address: Seascapes Resort Town, Soong, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

Contact Number: (032) 401 9999

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