SALTED EGG CRISPS -Not your Ordinary Chips.

Though the Salted Egg Chips originated and has been a craze for quite some time now in Singapore, Manila has been catching up with the latest snack trend.  Last week, I received a sample of this treat through Symphony of Flavors own version of the Salted Egg Crisps.



Due to unforeseen turn of events I wasn’t able to  try it out immediately.  It took me a couple of days before I was finally able to open and enjoy it’s contents.  I was really worried at the time, thinking it may not be that fresh and may not taste that good anymore.

So when I finally did pop it out, I didn’t realized I was in for a big surprise.  Because not only that it still has it’s freshness, it also has it’s very unique taste.

I initially thought that it will be the same typical chips that you can find literally anywhere.  Because if you only judge it by the way it looks, you will just perceive it as a typical kind of chips.


But what sets apart these chips from your ordinary potato chips is it’s lingering salty and yet sweet taste rightfully complemented with crispiness.  It is that perfect combination that makes it delightfully enjoyable.  But that’s not the only difference.  As a chips fanatic myself, I have never been able to encounter anything like the Salted Egg Crisps of Symphony of Flavors.


Because  it is the only potato chips that comes with Basil leaves on it.  Talk about, healthy stuff.  This one packs quite a taste along with it’s healthy ingredients.  Who wouldn’t love that?


So the next time, you’ll find yourself craving for chips.  Don’t go looking for the typical ones you can find at a convenience store.  Go big and exert those efforts in finding this Salted Egg Chips, I can assure you, it will all be worth it.

You can grab some of these at SM Aura on weekends, or by the Symphony of Flavors Bakeshop pick-up locations below:

Pearl Drive Ortigas, Paco, Binondo and Greenhills

You can also check out their IG Page:


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