Sangkap: Cebu Lechon Sinigang All You Can this April

Sangkap is a Filipino restaurant that promises to bring the rich flavors of the Philippines closer to our reach.

Sangkap by Chef Raymar Reyes is established in 2015, and is operated by The Menu Group. It currently has three branches in Metro Manila particularly in Portico Alveo Pasig, Vertis North in QC, and Vista Mall Taguig.

We first tried Sangkap during their Vertis North grand opening. We remember liking their Ivatan Kilawin so much. Since then we promised ourselves to return to try their other dishes. Fortunately last Saturday, we were invited to have a peek on its newest promotion – CEBU LECHON SINIGANG ALL YOU CAN.


For just 350php, one can enjoy unlimited servings of their best seller Cebu Lechon Sinigang which is known for its mango broth base. It also comes with unlimited rice, and bottomless iced tea. WHAT A STEAL!!! We found this deal value for money. Their version of Sinigang is very rich in flavor and has generous veggies. It also has a huge serving of Cebu Lechon with cripsy lechon skin and soft and tender meat. We actually attempted to consume 2 servings!


We were also served their other best sellers such as the following.

Ivatan Kilawin

Aside from their Cebu Lechon Sinigang, this dish is a must-try in Sangkap. The perfect blend of tanigue, shrimps, and squid mixed with coconut milk is just bliss in our mouths. It’s sour as expected for a kilawin, but not too much. It’s just right. It’s not overwhelming.


Zamboanga Adobong Baka sa Gata

Remembering Sangkap’s goal to bring the flavors of our country in their restaurant, this dish is their entry for Mindanaoan food. (Ivatan Kilawin – Luzon ; Cebu Lechon Sinigang – Visayas). This dish is surprisingly good. We loved how soft and tender everything was! We actually prefer Adobo as it is without gata, but their version is making us think otherwise.



This is not your usual Bistek Tagalog as Sangkap’s version has liver and cow’s tongue with it. It’s kind of new to us, but it actually worked. The liver and tongue combination creates a texture of smooth and rough at the same time. The sauce itself is so tasty that it can be paired with rice already.


Chicken Pastel

This is another unique dish in this restaurant. They tried to be innovative by adding Spam, liver, and basil to the usual Chicken pastel. Think of cream and pesto. Yes? We love it too.


We were also served Stuffed Pusit and Inihaw na Talong during this visit but we were too full to give them a try. However their presentation of Inihaw na Talong is one of the best we’ve seen so far. Lastly, we ended the meal with their Halo-halo. It’s one of the biggest Halo-halo we’ve eaten and it’s only 160php and good for 4 people!




Overall, we truly enjoyed our visit in Sangkap. It’s good for family, friends, and even for big group of people such as officemates, and barkada. Definitely worth trying.

P.S. Their UNLIMITED Cebu Lechon Sinigang promo is available until April 30, 2018 for 350php. Again, it’s with unli rice and iced tea. PLUS PLUS PLUS! They offer additional 10% off the total bill if you use the code BLOGGERTHETRAVELLINGTONGUE. Yay!

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