Sangkap is quadrupling your well-loved Filipino dining experience while highlighting family values

When you think doubling the tasty fun is enough, think again, because we know a restaurant quadrupling the delicious experience you have been craving for. Offering classics and classics with a delectable twist, Sangkap will have you reaching for more rice to pair up with your chosen dishes.

With four main ingredients – which they have turned into adorable characters that highlight a variance of Pinoy delicacies, Sangkap will truly make your table filled with smiling faces; happy, full tummies; and cherished memories that would bring you warmth in times you need them the most.

Mina Mangga, Sili Cely, Luis Kamatis, and Koko Da Buko – these are characters inspired from each ingredient that Sangkap’s offerings are based from. With each ingredient, they get to turn typical Pinoy dishes up a notch as they explore more into innovative flavors that would bring joy to your palate.

Cebu Lechon Sinigang (Regular Php 370 | Family Php 550)
Okoy Salad (Php 240)

Let’s start with the sweet one out of the bunch which is Mina Mangga who puts a mangotastic twist on your faves like their Okoy Salad (Php 240) which has mango vinaigrette and their bestseller, the Cebu Lechon Sinigang (Regular Php 370 | Family Php 550) which has a thick paste soup that really is more mouthwatering than what you are imagining it to be.

Kilawin (Php 310)

From the sweet one, meet the one that brings some spice into their gang, Sili Cely. Sili Cely sure knows how to throw in some punch of girly spark as she brings you Kilawin (Php 310) which is another bestseller that is an appetizer, but can also be paired with rice if you feel like it.

Inihaw na Pusit at Kamatis Salsa (Php 320)
Beef Mechado (Regular Php 350 | Family Php 595)

After with the one that brings the pizzazz, go meet the character ingredient that is said to be the brainy one. Luis Kamatis is serving you the sumptuous Inihaw na Pusit at Kamatis Salsa (Php 320) that had us wishing for more and the Beef Mechado (Regular Php 350 | Family Php 595) that is just downright chesserrific.

Bagnet Bicol Express (Regular Php 295 | Family Php 470)
Inasal sa Gata (Regular Php 350 | Family Php 680)

And next to the smart one is the good boy which really is a good boy and not the one with the nice guy syndrome. With Koko Da Buko you will be able to love up Sangkap’s Laing Lumpia at Gata Dip (Php 240), Inasal sa Gata (Regular Php 350 | Family Php 680), and Bagnet Bicol Express (Regular Php 295 | Family Php 470). You truly will go coco loco with these nomnoms!

Tricolor Spring Roll (Php 220)
Sangkap Salo-Halo (Php 245)

Getting a taste of some of the dishes each character ingredient has to offer will have your taste buds happy and looking forward to how sweet of an ending awaits you, and so to not keep you waiting, here are two of Sangkap’s Minatamis aka desserts. Sangkap Salo-Halo (Php 245) is good for four people because this is a huge serving of an all-time fave, while the Tricolor Spring Roll (Php 220) got some three luscious surprises for you wrapped inside a crunchy treat!

No doubt each dish of every character ingredient is an innovation, taking inspiration from the classic Pinoy dishes that Sangkap also has, under the selection Mga Paborito nina Lolo at Lola. Speaking of grandparents, Sangkap has a free treat every Saturday for grandparents in consideration of some guidelines that should be acknowledged.

Other than their Para kina Lolo at Lola promo, Sangkap has Anak at Apo Meals as well as Salo-Salo Meals! Meanwhile, every Wednesday, Sangkap puts the spotlight on streetfood as they give out streetfood platters to their diners; and every Thursday, Sangkap slashes 15% off on dishes of the chosen Sangkap of the Day.

Undeniably, Sangkap brings family closer together as kids will certainly enjoy their time here, as while waiting for their order, they can color their placemats as well as take pictures and have fun with props that are of Sangkap’s character ingredients.

Sangkap Restaurant is located at Level 2, Ayala Malls Vertis North, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City

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