Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon: Be a champion as you chomp on Filipino Classics and so much more

Sporting the colors of our Philippine flag, Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon prides itself of offering more than just their star which is lechon manok, but also other Filipino favorites from different Filipino cuisines.


With great lighting, clean & posh ambiance, and a place spacious enough, the industrial, colorful interiors of this place is surely IG-worthy for that grammer you. Throw in a courteous staff who are almost always smiling and accommodating, Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon is a dining place one would definitely enjoy being in.



Let us start with a platter of Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon’s star dish – the Whole Chicken Lechon. An order of this one is good for 4 to 6 people as this comes with three saucemaryosep sauce of your choice, two sari sari sides of your choice as well, two steamd rice, and papaya atchara. You can also choose if you want your chicken to be served in original or spicy flavor.



There are different sides and sauces to choose from; and so for, the saucemaryosep sauces of Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon are Sari Secret, Labuyo Garlic, Mango Ketchup, Filichuri, Green Sili, and Lechon Sauce. While for the sari sari sides, choices include grilled corn and carrots, ensaladang manga, ensaladang talong, garlic kangkong, mashed kamote, Bicolano laing, gising-gising, and kamote chips. Special mention to the laing and mashed kamote as both are exquisitely delicious!


Another platter of yumminess is Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon’s Inihaw Platter. With a generous serving of chicken, beef liempo, mussels, eggplant, tomato, white onion, and chorizo, an order of this will definitely fill you up of tender, lip-smacking grilled meat goodness.


Following this is a Kapampangan dish which is the Sipo Egg. Served with quail egg, fried shrimp, chorizo, and fresh singkamas, this dish is bursting with flavors and different textures that are surely enjoyable. The saltiness of the chorizo, plumpness of the shrimp, and softness of the quail egg complement with the sweetness and the creaminess of the sauce, with an added crunch fun from the singkamas.


If you haven’t had enough chicken, Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon has more of that heaven for you. Their Fried Chicken Platter is just the perfect combination of crispy chicken skin and tender, juicy meat that is best eaten with sari secret sauce and mango ketchup for that punch of spice and dash of sweetness.


As mentioned, Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon also offers other Filipino favorites, and one of which is Kare-Kare. Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon’s Kare-Kare is light yellow in color which makes it look appetizing. The meat and the tripe are soft and tender, while the vegetables, which are puso ng saging, pechay, and green beans, are all fresh and crunchy. Plus this dish has a rich taste even without the bagoong alamang dip!


The next dish is similar to Valenciana but the meat toppings, which are chicken and mussels, are separate from the rice. Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon’s Bringhe tastes really good because the chicken has that distinct taste the goes well with the sticky rice that is already flavorful even by itself.


For more seafood galore, order some Inihaw na Pusit. The plating of this dish is just downright beautiful that you will surely not let that opportunity to take a picture of it pass. But then again, what’s a pretty plating when the food is not good, right? No worries, because this grilled squid is tasty and easy to chew, especially with its sweet and sour sauce.


Here is another variant of delectable lechon – Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon’s Lechon Baka. With it being so tender and so soft, it could easily be cut even by just a fork. The beef in this dish is so good even without its sauce but then again, the sauce that comes with it is no doubt its perfect pair!


If you are going for something a bit light, go for Sari Filipino Lechon Manok’s Tinapa Elote Corn. It is sweet corn with tinapa flakes coating. With the corn being sweet and the tinapa having just the right pinch of saltiness, this dish is the perfect definition of scrumptious!

After having a lot of more than just appetizing Filipino dishes, Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon delighted us with Bibingka and eight variants of artisanal Filipino ice cream, the Sorbeteros.


For the Bibingka, the serving size is just right for one person. The slated egg at the top of this yummy dessert is perfect for that sweet taste. And with that sweet taste that would make you crave for more, it is a good thing that Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon offers artisanal Filipino ice cream.





Made with high quality ingredients, highlighting local flavors for a taste of the best of the Philippines, Sorbeteros, Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon’s artisanal Filipino ice cream are all great! With flavors such as Ice Buko, Taho, Ice Scramble, Latik, Chocnut, Tablea, Quezon Langka, and Polvoron, one would really be taken back to their innocent and fun childhood memories as they enjoy a spoonful of each unique flavor.

With every dish that has been served by Sari Filipino Chicken Lechon, we could not help but appreciate how they raise the bars of each homegrown Filipino dish as they continue to use the traditional way while elevating it by applying curated culinary technique, giving each dish, especially the Filipino favorite that is Lechon Manok, its rightful recognition.

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Address: Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 9PM

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