Satisfy that Rice Vice: Here are 3 yummy rice options you could get at Vatos Urban Tacos

Ask me what my vice is and I will answer quickly, no dice – it is none other than rice! It is a habit that is just so hard to break. I keep coming back to it. I could cut back from it, but I just can’t quit it. I love carbing up my meals. It keeps me full and I know it keeps you full, too, so don’t go judgin’ me like you are not an #AlipinNgKanin as well.

Anyway, as most of my meals revolve on rice, it really makes me feel swell when I get to have it, not in just its plain, steamed form, but also in a variance of it – and I don’t mean just fried. I mean, really creative, spiced up, flavorful ones that sure do not only tickle my taste buds, but actually pleasure it, because that is how I really like it!

And do you know what I like even more? Vatos Urban Tacos. I have dined with them once and I surely enjoyed it, especially I got to dig into their different dishes with our friends from the blogging community which you can read more about here. As that is the case, Vatos Urban Tacos is currently adding more dishes to their already drool-worthy menu, but let me talk about some of their offerings that is of my fave, your fave, the ever-loved, ever-craved, ever-raved carb in our country, the rice!

1. Spicy Chicken Burrito

Spicy Chicken Burrito

First up is this one as it is an easy love right from the start. I am a fan of burrito, I love convenience and I enjoy getting messy sometimes, so digging into this delicious mash up of Mexican rice, black beans, cheese, lime crema, chipotle mayo, cilantro, onion, pico de gallo, and vatos hot sauce, together with the punch of spicy chicken is just a strong delight in each and every bite.

2. Fat Bastard Burrito Bowl

Fat Bastard Burrito Bowl

Burritos are served wrapped in a rather hearty serving, but then again, Vatos Urban Tacos loves putting a play on the typical dishes that people like me know of, so say hello to Fat Bastard Burrito Bowl. This one is a generous bowl of carne asada steak, barbecoa pork, grilled fajita vegetables, roasted corn salsa, fresh guacamole, cilantro onion, pico de gallo, lime crema, chipotle salsa, and vatos hot sauce.

3. Rice Bowls

Sisig Fried Rice
Honey Tequila Wings Garlic Rice

Vatos Urban Tacos really is a home of sinfully scrumptious food that are also of comfort food; that is why people, like I am, keep coming back to them. And what I love with Vatos Urban Tacos even more is that they have budget-friendly meals as well that are great for when I am in the midst of a trying time, you know what I mean? Now, they are offering three rice bowl variants namely Pork Belly Kimchi Fried Rice, Sisig Fried Rice, and my ultimate favorite, the Honey Tequila Wings Garlic Rice – Hands down, feet down, I am vouching for this!

And so, with all these at Vatos Urban Tacos, my rice vice has always been fixed because I could have a different rice meal each and every day! Truly, there are a lot of other dishes to try here at Vatos Urban Tacos.

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