Satisfy Your Korean BBQ Cravings in Fantastic Baka

Korean BBQ restaurants have been sprouting in Metro Manila and we are not complaining. We believe that we get our money’s worth on their unli meat, unli side dishes, and unli rice. While every Korean BBQ restaurant promises meaty satisfaction, this new K-resto in Quezon City promises authenticity.

Fantastic Baka is one of the newest Korean BBQ restaurants in the metro. It is located in Quezon City, in front of ABS-CBN. Fantastic Baka prides itself as the only authentic Korean BBQ restaurant in the area. Its menu is prepared by Chef Jang Jung Yun who is formerly with Gaon Restaurant in Seoul with 3 Michelin Stars.



Like most of K-resto in the metro, Fantastic Baka offers two amazing deals to the public. They have Unlimited799 and Unlimited 599.

Unlimited799 includes 9 choice cuts of beef including the Brisket Point and Prime Chuck Eye Roll. It also has 7 varieties of premium pork from thin to thick cuts of pork belly, shoulder, neck, and jowl. Also included in this deal are Korean-styles spaghetti, sweet and sour chicken tenders, shrimps, steamed rice, vegetable salad and of course, their unlimited side dishes. Pretty cool, right?

Unlimited599 also offers the same set but with less premium cuts of meat. We honestly think that this is still an amazing deal.


Now let’s describe what we had? Let’s go!

When they say they serve premium cuts of beef, they mean it. The meat that was served to us had a really nice marbling. It’s also seasoned well and it’s melt-in-your-mouth especially when cooked properly.


The pork was good too! We enjoyed the Samgyupsal, and the marinated one. We also grilled shrimps, sausages, hotdogs, and veggies. The 799-deal was a bit overwhelming but if you really have a big appetite then it’s something worth trying.


Their spaghetti tastes like the version of a popular fast food chain –and we loved it! The Korean chicken tenders were also good! It’s glazed, so it balanced out the strong flavors of the beef and pork.



Aside from the food, Fantastic Baka stands out among the other Korean BBQ restaurants in the area due to its interiors. It’s very spacious with a nice exhaust. It also has second floor with private rooms. Yes, you may want to have your mini BBQ party there!

For the service, we commend everyone for being extra attentive to our needs though the serving of food and refills can be done faster. We also like that their servers were all smiling when we went. It made a lot of difference.


Overall, Fantastic Baka gave us the idea of what authentic Korean BBQ is about. Chef Jang Jung Yun’s masterful and award-winning take on Hanguk cuisine truly transported our taste buds to South Korea.

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