Savor a New Taste of Comfort and Indulge with Different Dining Avenues at Hops & Brews

You know what’s old news? Definitely not Hops & Brews. If you know I’M Hotel, the first 5-star hotel in the district of Poblacion, Makati, then you would also know Hops & Brews because this café-by-day, gastropub-by-night restaurant has been serving international rich comfort food ever since I’M Hotel started its operations.


Hops & Brews doesn’t only want their customers to experience a new taste of comfort, because they also want their customers to indulge in comfort. One would surely be able to indulge in Hops & Brews no matter what their comfort food is, and no matter what their nationality is, because Hops & Brews offers a wide variety of food from different countries which can be seen in their menu.



From starters, to sandwiches, to salads, to mains, to pastas, to all day breakfast, and to daily lunch specials; Hops & Brews makes sure they are serving high quality food by of course, using only high quality ingredients. Indeed, this place is not only great for drinking, but a place perfect for dining in as well, and that is what they proved to us when we got to try out a bunch of things from their menu.


Being in the Philippines, of course, it’s right to have food fit for the Filipino palate, and that’s what our first dish will be – the Dalagang Filipina. With garlic rice, homemade pork longganisa patty, deep fried mackerel fillet, and topped with fried egg, this one is a comfort food from Hops & Brews’ All Day Breakfast selection which a lot of people would gladly take pleasure in.



Another dish from their All Day Breakfast selection is their Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon. Served with English muffin, topped with proteins you need for the day, poached eggs, hollandaise, and some seasonal vegetables, this is a classic filling breakfast folks would love to have.


Following this is Hops & Brews’ Breakfast Chicken Chops. Breaded and deep fried chicken, scallion leek fried rice, omelette, and served with thick soy sauce, this one is a tasty breakfast one would absolutely be thankful for.

As much as we want to try out all the dishes in their All Day Breakfast selection, we didn’t get to, because we also got to try some of their Mains and drinks.


First on their Mains which we got to try is their All American Porkchop – 300 grams of grilled prime cut pork chop served with spring veggies on a bed of mashed potatoes with a side of coleslaw and barbecue sauce. The pork chop is sou vide for an hour and a half, brined over night, so the meat was certainly flavorful.



Next on our Mains is a house favorite: Australian short ribs slow cooked for 24 hours, served with kimchi fried rice, and sunny side up egg. With tender meat, rice with a bit of spice, and a sunny side up egg to brighten one’s day, the Hops & Brews’ Korean Galbi Short Ribs is an adventure for one’s tastebuds!


And of course, we did try the Hops & Brews’ talk-of-the-town dish, their Hainanese Fried Chicken. Fried and served with ginger fried rice; this one is their take on Singaporean Hainanese Chicken. With the delicious blend of sweet, spicy, gingery taste, we’re no near complaining.


Moving on from rice meals, we also had their famous Asari Butter Clams. This one is a Japanese twist on a classic Italian dish. Clams flavored with a soy-mirin reduction and tossed with spaghetti, this is a meal oozing with flavor.


Having a lot of food on our table, of course it’s just right to have a bunch of beverages to drink. And as Hops & Brews is also known as a café, we got to try some from their Coffee & the Alternatives selection. First on our list of drinks is their Americano. If you’re going for a fantastic cup of joe that is hearty and full of flavor, but not too bold, then try this one out.




If you want a splendid drink to sip and enjoy your downtime with, then we suggest you go for Hops & Brews’ Cortado. The balance of its milk sweetness plus Hops & Brews’ own blend is something amazing you shouldn’t dare miss out. This one is a great after-meals-drink especially for people who love their coffee with milk.



When you feel like you need a stronger drink, Hops & Brews is offering Espresso, which you can get either with a single shot or a double. With a kiss of foamy cream and a bit of lingering aftertaste, this one is a pleasant drink we suggest coffee lovers should try.


Meanwhile, if you are a chocoholic or a person who need a not too indulgent chocolate fix, then grab yourself some Mochaccino. It’s a drink that has the right blend of coffee, chocolate, and milk – perfect for people who want something different and lighter compared to other coffee variants.


If you’re looking for some ice cold drink, then this one might just be the one for you! Really good with just the right amount of sweetness, Hops & Brews’ Iced Cubee is the perfect rejuvenating drink, especially if you’re a bit under the weather.





Gaga over matcha? Don’t worry; we have three matcha drinks for you – Matcha Frappuccino, Matcha Café, and Matcha Latte. Let’s first talk about Hops and Brews’ Matcha Frappuccino. It has the perfect mix of green tea, creaminess, and sweetness. A drink that is a delicious boost of energy!


The next matcha drink is the Matcha Café. Almost everyone is just confessing how crazy they are becoming over matcha. It’s even being considered as the “it beverage” and who knows, maybe this Matcha Café from Hops & Brews will be your next choice of drink when you’re having a hard time deciding whether to order coffee or tea.


Following this is their Matcha Latte. Try swapping out your morning coffee with this drink from Hops & Brews. With a foamy milk perfectly blended with matcha, this one is an antioxidant boost that will wake you up and set you up right for the wonderful day ahead of you.

In the topic of beverages, if you’re curious as to what Hops & Brews’ coffee beans are then the answer to that would be they’re using a combination of two Arabica, no Robusta, mixed with Indonesia. Also, like their coffee drinks which are rich in flavor and aroma, their homemade ice cream is also very rich and creamy – great for hot days, if you ask us!

Another thing from Hops & Brews that we absolutely appreciated is that they have daily lunch specials from Monday to Sunday, 12PM to 4PM. With just Php 300, you can have your own choice of one of their Mains that is included in their lunch specials, with a bowl of soup, a side of salad, and a glass of refreshing, delicious iced tea.

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