Savor in creaminess and Spice up of your life at Gata Restaurant – Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp.

All bright and welcoming, Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. is such a splendid place perfect not only for gata lovers, but for spicy lovers as well. As a Bicolana who actually has never been to Bicol and just knows the fact that my mother side is from Bicol, Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. is such an exciting experience I have been anticipating for as I have been wanting to see my mom’s province ever since and this is like a step closer not only to her province, but also to her.

With a space that can accommodate up to fifty hungry tummies and a chef and cooks that are from Bicol ready to make hungry tummies turn into satisfied, happy tummies, Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. has a ton of dishes that are of pork, chicken, seafood, beef, vegetables, and a whole lot more that is worth to check out.


First to grace our tummies was a veggie dish of theirs which was the Fresh Lumpiang Ubod with orange-infused sauce (Php 110) that has that delightful tangy taste to it! The crunch from every bite of it was truly enjoyable and we couldn’t stop munching on.


However, we have yet some dishes to try out such as the Parapagulong (Php 225) which is another dish of Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. highlighting vegetables as this one is called Sigarillas in Manila and is the Bicolano version of Gising-gising.


After having some veggies, we haaded onto a chicken dish, the Chicken Adobo sa Gata (Native Php 465 | Regular Php 340 | House Fried Chicken in Half Php 295 | Hpney Buttered Fried Chicken Php 295) is a tasty dish wherein the chicken is slowly simmered in gata until naglalana-lana, as they call it.


Following that is the Dinuguan with Gata at Puto (Php 260) which Bicol’s version has the blood washed with “Niyog” giving the sauce a smoother and creamier finish making it a spoonful of flavorful wonder every time.


Next is the Laing (Php 235) that is actually a favorite especially this is considered by Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. as the Bicolano heavyweight. Also, this dish is often attempted by many, just never perfected. This version, though, is made with dried gabi leaves that are directly sourced from Bicolandia.

And as if Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. knows my favorites, they just rolled out another one; the Pusit Negra (Php 320) is such a superb seafood dish prepared meticulously and cooked perfectly, especially I shared it with a lovely company.

Moving into another great pork dish of Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. is the Crispy Bagnet Sisig (Php 240) that will make spicy fans go crazy, especially if you are big in texture as well because this one is not only a dish feisty to the palate, but playful as well.

This next one is starring pork as well and is actually recommended by the Chef, the Kare-Kareng Bagnet (Php 330) is made with a touch of gata and out-of-town bagoong recipe which will surely make you say “Sarap!”.

For drinks, what truly is a must-try is Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp.’s Gata Milkshake (Php 110) which is a glass of creamy goodness that would definitely replenish the thirst as well as refresh the mind and body in every sip.

Gata Flavors of Bicolandia Atbp. indeed brought me closer to Bicol by giving my palate an adventure of their wonderful flavors such as their fun spice and delicious creaminess – may it be in a dish or in the form of a charming beverage.

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