Savor Marea Alfresco Dining: Truly a delectable wonder at The Bellevue Resort

Enjoying the day as it is in this undeniably beaut of a place, The Bellevue Resort has so much more to offer that would greatly go well with comfy, posh suites and fun-filled, rush-satisfying activities, and that is no other than unforgettable exquisite dining experience that is one for the books!


With The Bellevue Resort having dining concepts more than one, we totally enjoyed our lunch at Marea Al Fresco Dining wherein we were under one roof but was outside just delighting in and basking in the delightful warmth of the sun and the loveliness of the crisp, delicious breeze that is touching our skin, and at the same time, soothing our souls.



Bringing out the bomb dish right away, the Halang-Halang na Manok by Marea Alfresco Dining of The Bellevue Resort is hands down a real flavorful dish that would even be gratefully appreciated if it has that much kick of spice, but is still a favorite, nonetheless!


Next to that is another dish that is of greatness, the Takla is actually a type of shrimp that can be found in wonderful mangroves and is a fave of many, including me, as this one has that sweet blend of flavors and is definitely fresh and plump in every bite which just adds more delight to the totality of the dish.


And as if Marea Al Fresco has straight up knew what to serve and how to make me fall in love with them, they put out the ultimate yummy dish that had me making yummy noises than I intend to, the Adlai Risotto is absolutely scrumptious in every bite, having that certain creaminess to it, alongside that delectable taste of truffle which is a favorite of mine as well!

After those three favorites being served on our table, I couldn’t wait as to how Marea Alfresco Dining will go from here or how they are to up their game for this already awesome lunch of ours. And just as I thought I have figured them out, they surprised us by placing different desserts to satisfy each of our big sweet tooth!

Soon enough, six different luxurious and truly indulgent sweet treats were served and I was just there about to fill our table, if not the whole Marea Alfresco Dining, with my drool as I get to see and have a mouthful of the Chocolate Delice, the Red Velvet, the Mango Float, the Chocolate Mousse, the Brazo Oreo, and the Chocolate Overload!




Being a chocolate fanatic, if not a crazy, my favorites are of course the Chocolate Delice, the Chocolate Mousse, and the Chocolate Overload which all just hit the right spot, not being totally sweet which made me dig into each of it more and more, not stopping until I see an empty plate.




While the Red Velvet, the Mango Float, and the Brazo Oreo are also a playful delight of delectable goodness for the palate which I am just happy I also got a fill of.


Finally, to quench my thirst and at the same time make me feel rejuvenated, the Kahlua Mint Twist is indeed a twist of yummy, minty goodness in every sip that is sure to make you slurp more until you get to make that certain slurp sound that is a proof of an empty glass.



They also served their Ube and Strawberry Smoothies that was so perfect for our sweeth tooth as it also quenches our thirst.

Marea Alfresco Dining is truly a wonder which The Bellevue Resort holds and is for you to look up, check out, and dine in at any given chance you get – may it be with your friends, with your family, with your special someone, or maybe even yourself which I am so down for regardless if I am to be devouring everything on my own!

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