Say Cheers to the pride of The Funny Lion, the Pride Rock Deck!

There is nothing more refreshing than a warm welcome alongside some delicious, thirst-quenching drinks after a long flight and drive. Seriously though, The Funny Lion made sure we were taken care of the moment we set foot in Coron as we were immediately given the tour to our rooms so we could freshen up, and then got invited to their more-than-lovely rooftop bar, the Pride Rock Deck!

Pride Rock Deck of The Funny Lion
Pride Rock Deck of The Funny Lion

The Pride Rock Deck definitely is one of The Funny Lion’s prides, if you know what we mean. This gorgeous rooftop bar is the perfect spot to have our city life stressors and worries get blown away by the fresh Coron breeze. The picturesque sunset view, the delicious food, and the enlivening drinks was a scrumptious way to start our stay with The Funny Lion and to cap off our first day in Coron.

Shrimp Cocktail

While the sun was about to set, Pride Rock Deck was on point to serve their Shrimp Cocktail. It is a classic and well-loved hors d’œuvre; it was also like an invitation to really have a good time and we were there thinking, “How can we even resist, and honestly, why would we even resist?”, and so that’s when the fun officially started for us. 

Pineapple and Bacon Canape

Next to that was their Pineapple and Bacon Canape which has that rich blend of sweet and savory tones; and if you have been with us for quite a time, you know we love this kind of play. As expected, we enjoyed this starter as well, especially because it goes well with our chosen drinks for the night.

Wanton Sisig

Just when we thought our night at Pride Rock Deck could not get any better, they served another great pairing to our drinks and that is none other than their Wanton Sisig. If there is one thing that keeps us up at night until now, it is this dish. Believe us, we finished off a plate in a matter of minutes and we are not going to be coy about that. 

Pride Rock Deck of The Funny Lion

We have already lost count as to how many times we have had sisig and how many versions of it we have had in our lives, but this particular one, this take on sisig by Pride Rock Cafe is definitely one for the books! Hopefully, we will be able to recreate this soon because we can’t be in Coron every day, right? Imagine the commute! Kidding!

Pride Rock Deck of The Funny Lion

Get your well-deserved breather here at The Funny Lion’s Pride Rock Deck soon. We are telling you, you won’t regret every minute of it. Catch more of The Funny Lion by following their Facebook, Instagram, and Website. Hope to see you there!

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